Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
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ACORN Behind Ohio Teenager Who Registered to Vote 73 Times

October 19th, 2008

So if this isn’t enought evidence to throw the top people from ACORN into prison and recall ALL of their phony registrations in EVERY state I don’t know what else is?  How much more are Americans supposed to take of this OUTRIGHT FRAUD by a group that proclaims on it’s website that “ACORN takes no government funding so they can remain objective (LIE) and ACORN is non-partisan (LIE)“.


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Teenager: I Registered To Vote 73 Times

Ohio ACORN Lands In Hot Water

 A Cleveland teenager who claims he registered to vote 73 times over a five-month period has set of alarm bells among election officials in Ohio’s most populous county.

The bipartisan Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland voted unanimously Monday to ask Prosecutor Bill Mason to investigate multiple registrations by four people, including 19-year-old Freddie Johnson.

All four said they signed forms at the behest of a community organizing group, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, known as ACORN.

Johnson said he was trying to help paid ACORN solicitors collect signed registrations. He said he has not voted, and said he filled out the cards because he was given cigarettes and about $20.

The fracas is the latest round in a battle over ACORN’s impact on voter registration this year. The group says it has signed up 1.3 million poor and working-class voters in a mass registration drive in 18 states this year.

In Pennsylavania, the district attorney for the Pittsburgh area is investigating possible forgery and other irregularities on voter registration forms turned in by ACORN.

Mike Manko, a spokesman for the Allegheny County district attorney, said fewer than 100 registration forms were apparently forged or otherwise illegitimate.

ACORN issued a statement Friday dismissing the fraud allegations in Pennsylvania as an attempt by a relatively small group of political operatives “to orchestrate hysteria about ‘voter fraud.’”


Obama and two other lawyers in 1995 represented ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois to make voter registration easier. During this year’s primary, Obama hired a firm with ties to the group for a massive get-out-the-vote effort.

The surge in new voters helped propel Obama to his party’s presidential nomination, and it may carry over to the general election — 9 million newly registered voters who are overwhelmingly Democratic could add up to a big victory on Election Day.

In states where registration is recorded by party, including eight key states that could decide the election, voters have signed up Democratic in the past six months by a margin of nearly 4-1.

However, simply registering voters, even when the numbers are skewed so heavily toward one party, is no guarantee of success.

Historically, voter turnout among new registrants has been low. And while candidates have months to run registration drives, they have only a tiny window — several days during early balloting, just hours on Election Day — to get out the vote.

Still, an Associated Press analysis of registration data found that if the millions of newly registered voters turn out at the same rate as in 2004 and cast ballots with their declared party of choice, Obama could have the votes he needs to wrest several battleground states away from the Republican Party and its nominee, Sen. John McCain.

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This should concern EVERY American - not just the Republicans.  These people have stepped on and besmirched the precious right to vote for cigarettes and $20. How very sad that our country has come to this.

Left Wing Racist Groups FIRST to Benefit from Bank Bailout!!

September 27th, 2008

Ok as if the bailout in general isn’t bad enough, apparently there are some EARMARKS in there which is congressional code for FAVORS that specifies that The National Council of LA RAZA, ACORN and other groups that benefit only “people of color” will be FIRST IN LINE to get any profits made on this “investment” in the failed banks that chose to lend to subprime lenders. The kicker is - it is THESE SAME GOUPS who lobbied to give mortgages to these high risk borrowers in the first place and they got OUR MONEY to make that happen - to the tune of millions of dollars in “Federal Housing” grants.  So these same groups who pushed mortgage lenders to lend money to people BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE which is in itself a VIOLATION OF THE FAIR HOUSING ACT - now that these subprime mortgages have bankrupted those Institutions, these same groups are going to benefit from OUR TAX MONEY ONCE AGAIN.


Read more over at Digger’s Realm here and watch the video below if you want to see exactly how we are yet again being stabbed in the back by the people we elected to represent us. It’s outrageous!  It’s disgusting!  It’s time for another TEA PARTY FOLKS!


Not only that but here’s another interesting detail you won’t hear on CNN about this bailout - from ARRA:

Open Secrets reveals the investment made by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Democrats and details the Top 25 Democrat Recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributions in 1989-2008. The top three in order were Senators Christopher Dodd, John Kerry and Barack Obama.

This is an outrage even more serious than the 2006 Amnesty attempt. These politicians are intent on breaking the backs of the American people and pushing the agendas of the leftists, the socialists, the illegal aliens and the Communists. In this blogger’s opinion, they ALL need to be looking for new jobs and I will just vote out the incumbent in the next election ACROSS THE BOARD down to the local level. They have ALL FAILED US AND THE PARTY IS OVER.

Progessive Media Project Article Ties Shenandoah Incident to Birmingham KKK incident 45 years ago

September 15th, 2008

Get ready to feel your blood boil. You will NOT believe it but this article actually ties the incident with Luis Ramirez with Birmingham, AL 1963 and a KKK bomb attack that killed four young black girls. Yes, you read that right.. they are saying that this incident is as bad as the KKK planting a BOMB and killing children!!

The article was in the edition and written by Barbara Ransby of the Progressive Media Project. I decided to find out who she is which follows the article.

Back to Birmingham, 45 years later

ransby bitch

By Barbara Ransby • PROGRESSIVE MEDIA PROJECT • September 15, 2008

Forty-five years ago, one of the most pivotal racist attacks of the civil-rights era occurred. Local members of the Ku Klux Klan planted a bomb under the steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., on a Sunday morning, Sept. 15, 1963. The explosion killed four young girls, three of them age 14 and one of them only 11 years old.

Most popular accounts of the civil-rights movement mark 1963 as the apex of nonviolence. In August of that year, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial facing an audience of 250,000 supporters.

But while King praised nonviolence, racist groups and individuals engaged in violence throughout the region. Birmingham was at the center of the fray. There were so many buildings and homes blown up by vigilantes there that the town was dubbed “Bombingham.” Convictions for these crimes were rare. It was not until 1977 that prosecutors in Alabama aggressively went after the culprits in the 16th Street Church bombing, resulting in the conviction of KKK member Robert Chambliss that same year.

Things have changed in America since 1963. No one would argue with this. My own grandmother, who was born in Mississippi in 1901 and worked as a sharecropper and maid, never believed the day would come that a black man would be nominated for president by a major political party.

But let’s not celebrate the postracial Promised Land too soon. There is not only persistent racism in the United States, there is also persistent racist violence and the hatred that fuels it.

Sen. Barack Obama has had numerous death threats. The threats were so prevalent and so serious that he received Secret Service protection well before he was the Democratic Party nominee.

Yeah you get death threats no matter what color you are Barbara if you decide to become a public figure and a controversial one at that.

In America, people of color are still victims of racially motivated violence.

In May a federal jury in Kansas City convicted two men of the racially motivated murder of a black man, William McCay, three years before.

Last month, Luis Ramirez, a Mexican immigrant and father of two, was beaten to death by four white teenagers in Shenandoah, Pa. They hurled racist epithets along with kicks and punches.

Let me straighten you out here Barbara. This fight was mutual and Ramirez could have walked away but he chose to return WITH his friend and go after the teens, which resulted in his death. It was NOT a KKK attack. And Ramirez ALSO hurled racial epithets at the white teens. Ramirez was also wanted on a 2004 aggravated assault charge and he was a fugitive from justice at the time of his death. He was ALSO in a dark park at 11:30pm with a 15 year old girl, which is how the fight got started. But of course you don’t want to muddy up your little article with things like FACTS now do you. You’d much rather make your distorted correlations between the KKK and these white teens and I charge that YOU Barbara, are the racist here because you apparently see white teens and you see the KKK.

It is important to remember the lessons and legacy of Birmingham in 1963.

It is equally important to not turn a blind eye to the instances of racial harassment and violence today, from the lynching reference that sparked the Jena 6 case last year to the numerous hate crimes that get reported to the Justice Department and civil-rights watchdog groups each year.

Let’s not forget the cold blooded MURDER of Jamiel Shaw Jr by a Hispanic illegal alien and the MURDER of the black honors students in NJ by an illegal alien Hispanic GANG and the MURDER of the Bologna father and sons by an illegal alien HISPANIC Barbara. These are all WAY more racist and hateful than what happened in Shenandoah - but that does not support your distorted arguments so you conveniently leave them out.

It is not only naive to think we have completely eradicated racism in America, it is dangerous.

To be sure, racist violence never consumed the entire population or even the majority. Most people of color were not direct victims. And most whites did not throw the blows or the bombs. They simply looked the other way.

Apathy or willful ignorance in the face of racism and injustice yields the same net result, whether it is the blatant and widespread racism that showed itself in Birmingham, or the more subtle but no less real racism of today.

We couldn’t afford that apathy or that ignorance yesterday. We can’t afford it now.

# Barbara Ransby is an associate professor in the department of African American Studies and History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Contact the author via e-mail:

Apparently Barbara Ransby is not only involved with the Progressive Media Project, but also the LEFT FORUM and they have a web site here. They are self described in this way:

Left Forum provides a context for the critical dialogue that is essential for a stronger Left and a more just society.

Oh really? A more just society? And that gives you the license to outright LIE? It’s outrageous that anyone can tie the event in Shenandoah to a KKK bombing and get away with it. The saw fit to print it. Shame on them!

Barbara Ransby is also a member of the Editorial Board of The Black Commentator - apparently a magazine devoted to ONLY Black issues. Oh yeah Barbara, you aren’t a racist now are you. I can just imagine how you would point the finger at an ALL WHITE magazine. Total double standard Barbara. A just society? Where Blacks run the world? Is that what you want Barbara?

Oh and guess what? The chair of The Black Commentator is a Julian Bond. Julian Bond was named the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center at its founding in 1971 and still sits on the board. The SPLC is leading the way in listing anyone who is against illegal immigration as a racist hate group, including a Pennsylvania group which consists of two sweet white haired ladies.

I’ll tell you what will end racism. When people like YOU stop seeing the world through a RACE PRISM and see people without seeing their color. You are just as bad if not worse than the KKK with your Black Commentator membership and your singling out that only Barack Obama receives death threats and your focus on only white crime against other races. Give me a break! You are just not worth listening to.

You will notice that all of these associations of Barbara Ransby’s are conveniently omitted in the credits on the article and she only refers to her associate professorship in the department of African American Studies and History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I think we should let Barbara know how we feel about her using her position at a university to spew her racist, leftist agenda and have it appear mainstream.

Email her here

Contact the President of the University of Illinois at Chicago - Robert Zimmer - here

President’s Office at University of Chicago (773) 702-8800

Sound off about this article in the forums at the Save Shenandoah web site here

Teacher’s Union Wants Illegal Aliens to have free education and citizenship

July 5th, 2008

It is just plain wrong for American taxpayers to foot the bill to educate the children of illegal aliens, whether they be illegal aliens themselves or they were born here and wrongfully given citizenship. free education carumba!

Turning them into citizens is NOT THE ANSWER. Giving away citizenship like they are raffle tickets CHEAPENS the value of becoming an American citizen and spits in the face of those LEGAL immigrants who are going about the process legally.

These people at the NEA are supposed to be smart people who are teaching our children but it appears they don’t have the common sense of DIRT. Did any of them notice that the 1986 amnesty only increased the problem of illegal immigration? Do any of them understand history and how not knowing it we are destined to repeat it? It’s a case of BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Giving “amnesty” to illegal aliens by “adjusting their status” after they have come here KNOWING THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW BY DOING SO only rewards their illegal behavior and the illegal behavior of millions of future illegal aliens.

Their “vision” of educating illegal aliens and promoting their education smacks of terribly clouded judgement. Who the heck is going to pay for all this huh? Do they realize that the illegal alien families are a BURDEN on communities where they settle? Do they realize that they do not contribute to the TAX BASE that funds the community schools? Turning them into citizens is not going to help solve that either because these illegal alien families are dirt poor, uneducated adults with barely a 4th grade education and they will never rise above the minimum wage. Yes a few may do so but they will be few and far between. The majority of illegal aliens coming here as they do across the border, will always be landscape workers or hotel maids or dishwashers. Is that the caliber of people we need more of?? NOOOO! Talk about self-limiting stupidity!

Here is what I suggest. If these teachers care so much about educating these people from other countries - why don’t the go to those countries and teach?! We cannot afford to bring all the poor people of the world here to make their lives better. I do not feel guilty that I have a better life than a lot of people in the world. Apparently these teachers are buying into the “equalization of wealth” socialist plan and it is very scary that they are teaching OUR CHILDREN!!! Yay for home schooling! My grandmother, who was a schoolteacher, would be outraged at what is happening with teachers and schools in this country.

Washington ( - Some of the almost 10,000 members of the National Education Association (NEA) attending the teachers union’s annual conference this week in the nation’s capital spoke out on the issues they hope their lobbyists will fight for during next year’s legislative session, including the establishment of a peace academy, in-state college tuition and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who graduate from high school.

jablinske Susie Jablinske, a first grade teacher at Central Elementary School in Edgewater, Md., said children who are in the country illegally should have the same educational rights as American children.

Oh really? So I guess Susie, you think it is pointless to control immigration or have immigration laws then huh? And I have news for you Susie, we already DO give illegal alien children the same rights to education as American children and THAT my friend, has to STOP. Free education and jobs that pay more than they do in their country ARE THE MAGNET for illegal aliens to come here and it HAS TO STOP if we are to stop and start reducing illegal immigration.

She proposed that the NEA add the following words to its resolution to develop programs to help minority students become college graduates, regardless of immigration status: “Access to higher education and in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status, as well as paths to legalization to undocumented high school graduates,” Jablinske proposed.

She said as many as 65,000 graduates from U.S. public high schools are “undocumented,” even if they don’t know it.

Do the math. It is estimated that each student costs the US around $10,000.00 a YEAR. So with 65,000 students who do not belong here, taxpayers have spent around $650 MILLION a YEAR on educating children who are from other countries and are not supposed to be here. That takes away from spending that money on OUR OWN CHILDREN.

“Many of them actually didn’t even know they were undocumented until they started applying for a driver’s license or financial aid for college,” she said.

Outgoing NEA President Reg Weaver, in an interview with The Hill newspaper in February, said that the NEA - with a membership of 3.2 million - plans to spend $40-$50 million to help get candidates who will help advance its agenda in the 2008 election, including the union’s endorsement and support for Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

So there you have it. The NEA supports Barack Obama which means if he becomes our President you better get ready to give up even more of your hard earned dollars educating, feeding and employing illegal aliens so they can have their American Dream. How nice. I wonder how much brainwashing of students will be going on to get them to accept the socialist policies of Barack Obama?

“We plan to be very aggressive,” Weaver said in the interview, citing at least 25 House and nine Senate races around the country the NEA supports.

Read the full article

H/T to Pat in New Jersey and Dr Gayle Kesselmen of NJCIC for sending the article to me in email.

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