Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
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Pennsylvania Governor Pursuing Charges Against Shenandoah Teens for “Fatal Attack” on Mexican Illegal Alien

June 2nd, 2009

 So Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania wants the Justice Department to launch a “civil rights investigation”   Ed Rendell -PA Traitor into the street fight death of ILLEGAL ALIEN Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, PA. Oh really?

Let me get this story perfectly straight. These facts came out in the TRIAL where a JURY found these teens innocent of most of these trumped up charges. What came out in the trial was that this was not an “attack” by the white teens on Ramirez. It was a two sided street fight very much perpetuated by the deceased Mr Ramirez.

SECONDLY - Ramirez was here illegally. He does not get “civil rights”. The very nature of that word implies civil as in citizen.  Here is the definition of CIVIL RIGHTS from the American Heritage Dictionary:

 civil rights
pl.n.  The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination.
adj.   or civ·il-rights (sĭv’əl-rīts’)

  1. Of or relating to such rights or privileges: civil rights legislation.
  2. Of or relating to a political movement, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, devoted to securing equal opportunity and treatment for members of minority groups.

So either Governor Ed Rendell does not know this about “civil rights” or he is DISTORTING THE LAW to pander to the likes of MALDEF and the National Council of LA RAZA (the race).

Luis Ramirez was NOT, as they characterize him in this story, a “Mexican immigrant”. Those kind come through the INS and apply for citizenship and Visas. No - he was a Mexican ILLEGAL ALIEN who knowingly broke US Immigration Laws to live in the community of Shenandoah, and strangely enough, found EMPLOYMENT there even though the unemployement rate for CITIZENS in Shenandoah was higher than the national average. He had not just arrived here - he had lived here illegally for SIX YEARS.

Perhaps you might like to call Governor Ed Rendell and let him know what you think of his distortion of our laws in favor of illegal aliens and deliberately persecuting US citizens at the behest of MALDEF.

Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284
E-mail the Governor’s Office

Governor Ed Rendell may be considering a run for the Senate in 2010.  Keep in mind that Rendell seems all to willing to pander to illegal aliens and PERSECUTE CITIZENS when you enter the voting booth in November of 2010.

You also may want to contact the US Justcie Department and let them know what CIVIL RIGHTS apply to and that they DO NOT apply to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000
Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555

Thanks to Kathleen for the tip on this story.

Philadelphia Daily News Article Slanders the Town of Shenandoah

September 18th, 2008

I am totally disgusted at what I see is passing today for “reporting” and “news” but this story that ran in the Philadelphia Daily News this week stoops even lower than the National Enquirer because not only did they run a sensational headline tying together two events which were TOTALLY unrelated, but they based the story on inuendo and rumor rather than fact.

Here is the timeline and to fully understand this Shenandoah story, you need to go back to the July 12th incident where illegal alien Luis Ramirez was involved in a street fight with several teens which resulted in his death due to head trauma. It was a tragic event that COULD have been avoided had the leaders in Shenandoah been enforcing immigration laws. This tragic encounter never would have happened if the town’s leaders had any kind of backbone.

In stepped LULAC and MALDEF to claim that this was a racially motivated hate crime against Mr Ramirez because he was a Mexican and they based these accusations on the fact that the teens used “racial” epithets - they called him a Mexican - which in my book is not racial nor an epithet - but don’t let that get in the way of race baiting agendas.

In the intervening months, much has been learned about that fateful night and in the probable cause affidavit it is stated that Mr Ramirez was in fact lurking around in a dark park at 11:30pm with a 15 year old girl and ultimately, it was THIS reason that prompted the fight not that he was a Mexican. Did the fact that he was a non-English speaking illegal alien who has lived her for six years and not learned English figure into it? I am sure! Gee I can’t imagine why there would be friction when someone breaks into your country, settles in your town, takes jobs at lowest possible wages and refuses even to learn the language. I’m sure villages in Mexico would be happy to have some Americans setup shop in THIER town for six years and do the same right?

Since that time, the first degree homicide charges for the teens have been REDUCED to third degree because it CANNOT BE PROVEN THAT THEY INTENDED TO KILL MR RAMIREZ. It was an accident as a result of the fight and they will most likely pay dearly for that fight no matter what.

But why should the TOWN of Shenandoah have to pay for this tragedy? Well the million dollar funded racist groups MALDEF, LULAC and the ADL want to slander this town to further their own agenda that Americans are out to get Mexicans and that agenda, they hope, will allow illegal aliens to get their “path to citizenship” because the most liberal Americans will feel sorry for them having to put up with all those racist Americans.

These RACIST groups were the FIRST to INSERT themselves into the business of this town and instead of “healing” and “peace” they have caused turmoil and hostility between some of the leaders and between some of the residents. After 6 weeks of abuse by these racist groups, some of the residents asked Voice of the People USA to hold a rally there to support those who were against illegal immigration in the town and to show that this town has had ENOUGH of the SLANDER and the HARRASSMENT and the LIES.

And at that Voice of the People USA rally, close to 600 people from the town came out on that Saturday night and that is about 10% of the town. The Mayor of the town and many of the town council members shunned the Voice of the People rally and said it was a racist gathering, while meanwhile they joined Dr Agapito Lopez (plaintiff in Hazleton ordinance battle), MALDEF and several illegal aliens at a “unity” gathering where they sang songs of unity IN SPANISH.

So fast forward to September 12th. A guy named Javier Alcala reports to police, hours later, that he was abducted by men in a black SUV, duct taped and beaten and then taken and dropped off a few blocks away.. LULAC comes out fighting and says they are calling for a Department of Justice Civil Rights investigation. The first this is heard about is Monday but apparently LULAC has been talking to the press and one of those in the press they were talking to was Regina Medina of the Daily News.

The Shenandoah police said on Monday they had not released information yet because they were not finished their investigation. Oh but that didn’t stop Regina from submitting her story on Shenandoah with the headline reading “Another beating in Shenandoah“. Oh boy consider how THAT would sell papers. Never mind that it was FALSE and Javier Alcala has changed his story four times since then. Police have stated unequivocally that it is NOT A RACIALLY BASED CRIME. The final version of Alcala’s story had something to do with being lured into a house by a woman and then bound with duct tape and beaten up by unknown assailants who then said they had the wrong guy. Apparently these bad guys then took Mr Alcala and drove him a few blocks and left him.

Police said Alcala later admitted to lying about the kidnapping and, after further interviews, police determined the assault occurred at 18 S. Chestnut St., where Alcala arrived with a female acquaintance. Alcala said he arrived at the home and was jumped by the men, who hit him on the head, bound him with duct tape on his legs and arms and blindfolded him with duct tape

It now appears this was drug related in some way and I am sure there will be more details surfacing about this. But the fact is - this has NOTHING to do with the July 12th incident whatsoever but that doesn’t stop the whores of news reporting from continuing to leave that erroneous article out there for more lies to be spread.

And the lies surround the July 12th incident continue to be spread by the whores in the media - from People Magazine to the Republican Herald. Some of the lies are -

  • that Crystal Dillman was the “widow” of Luis Ramirez - they weren’t living together, they weren’t married and the “engagement” was two years old and probably not even valid
  • that Luis Ramirez is the father of two of Crystal Dillman’s children - oh yeah then why did she file paternity suits against OTHER men regarding those same children?
  • that the teens were associated with a gang - totally false - they had no ties to any gangs nor did they have ties to any white supremacy groups
  • that the teens attacked Luis Ramirez without provocation - false -Ramirez escalated the fight and was VERY aggressive and he had his own choice racial epithets that were used during the fight as well

And so.. I challenge the Philadelphia Daily News to correct their erroneous information from the Monday article that is circulating around and do the stand up thing.. the right thing.. I won’t be holding my breath however.

Reverend Miguel Rivera and Philadelphia Al Dia Newspaper - Outright Lies and Deception on Shenandoah Incident

September 9th, 2008

My sincere thanks to Mariann Davies of You Don’t Speak for Me for finding and translating this from the Spanish language AL DIA newspaper regarding the incident in Shenandoah where Luis Ramirez, illegal alien Mexican, died as a result of being involved in an altercation with several teens.

I was AT the Voice of the People USA Rally and I can tell you that the police reported an estimated 585-600 people attending. And we spoke with reporter Regina Medina from the Philadlephia Daily News who had also attended the “Unity” gathering at the church on August 30th and her estimate at THAT rally was 45 people - no WAY it could have been 150! Outright blatant LIES. I would love for someone from Shenandoah to actually find out what the seating capacity is for that church. You can see video from the “unity” gathering and all the pews were NOT filled and it was NOT standing room only so their numbers can be easily disproven.

Furthermore - there was no incident that the police prevented 25 Hispanics from coming to our rally. If that was the case, then they would have ALSO prevented Crystal Dillman and her friends from showing up at OUR rally with a large Mexican flag in front of them. The police know who Crystal Dillman is and if there had been an attempt by a large group of Hispanics to disrupt our rally, the people at the rally would have heard about it. This was held in an open air park. There was no way the police could have prevented a group from getting pretty close to the VOPUSA rally at which point we would have been aware of this going on.

Read this article and see how much these racists have DISTORTED the factual events in their quest to INCITE RACIAL HATRED NOT UNIFY THE TOWN.

Shenandoah Is Still Hot
Por David Cruz y Gustavo Martínez
08:39 | 05/09/08
Versión en español
Shenandoah sigue caliente

The climate in Shenandoah (PA) is under observation.
Things have worsened after two groups of demonstrators met face to face at a town park, last August 30. Some 300 demonstrators (the larger of the groups) demanded that the undocumented leave Shenandoah.

Things have worsened for the Mayor because now he knows that the majority of people in Shenandoah are against him and for enforcing immigration laws for a change! Had he done that sooner, we would not have had this incident at all!

A few others, headed by Crystal Dillman, widow of Luis Eduardo Ramírez Zavala, stated that immigrants “are also human”.

You can’t be a WIDOW unless you are MARRIED. Crystal Dillman was AT BEST, the fiancee of Ramirez and I even question that fact - does it make someone a fiancee because they promise to marry you after getting you pregnant a couple of times ? I don’t THINK so. That so called “fiancee” was up to no good in a park with Crystal’s half sister at 11:30pm. How come Al Dia chooses to leave out THAT fact hmm?

The 300 demonstrators were at the park for various hours speaking of and showing banners with anti-immigrant messages. They were convened by Voice of the People, and carried posters with messages of rejection and incrimination towards immigrants.

The VOPUSA rally was NOT ANTI-IMMIGRANT WHATSOEVER - IT WAS ANTI-ILLEGAL ALIEN! We have the video to prove it. Rev Miguel Rivera has conjecture and lies. AND the police estimated the crowd at the VOPUSA rally as between 585 and 600 and we have video and pictures to prove it.

At least 25 state police officers and Latino community members prevented more Hispanics from passing through in order to avoid confrontation between both groups.

Total LIE - the VOPUSA rally was peaceful and the only time there was potential confrontation was when Crystal showed up with her Mexican flag and called the group a bunch of racists. The 25 police pretty much stood around at the entrance to the park for most of the rally and looked bored.

In reply to the banners, Dillman pulled out a Mexican flag, while the crowd cried “Crystal go to Mexico”.
A few minutes earlier, around 150 people gathered at a local temple to sing and send messages of peace.
The small town located about two hours north of Philadelphia has become the eye of the storm after a group of white youths beat a Mexican immigr ant to death last July.

They were singing messages of peace IN SPANISH by the way.

Three youngsters were arrested; two of them, Brandon Piekarski, 16, and Collin Walsh, 17, were accused of homicide and ethnic intimidation, among others. The third, Donovan Donchak, 18, is accused of aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation, among others.

AND the charges of first degree homicide were reduced for all the teens to THIRD DEGREE MANSLAUGHTER.

Donchak was out on bail, after paying a $70,000. Hispanic leaders have questioned the fact that the two youths accused of homicide were allowed to leave jail after bail was set at $50,000.

“We know that these are bails in which only 10 percent is applicable”, stated Reverend Miguel Rivera of the National Latino Coalition of Christain Ministers and Leaders (CONLAMIC for its initials in Spanish).
Rivera, who was present at the temple gathering, said that in being judged as adults, these youths will face a jury in a predominantly white town and which shall thus favor the accused.

The boys CHOSE to be tried as adults so it would be a JURY TRIAL.

“If the tables were turned, we would witness that justice does not equally apply to Latinos”, he said.
In his opinion, this murder involved an initiation rite of a “white supremacist gang” and has a lot to do with the anti-immigrant measures promoted by the mayor of the neighboring city of Hazleton, Lou Barletta.

Now this one really flips my lid because there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE THESE TEENS WERE INVOLVED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITH ANY KIND OF GANG. These teens were FRIENDS - this is a BALD FACED LIE BY THESE RACISTS and what is their goal? To INCITE hostilities! One of the teens is an honor student in high school.. hardly the skinhead thugs they are being portrayed to be. Do these Latino groups assume because they are WHITE and they are YOUNG that they are in white supremacist gangs? Isn’t that a little RACIST? That’s like saying all young Mexican men are members of MS-13 now isn’t it???

Life has changed a lot in Shenandoah since the homicide, said town mayor Thomas O’Neill.

Umm.. it was not a HOMICIDE Mr Mayor - they are now charged with MANSLAUGHTER which is about the same as killing someone with your vehicle BY ACCIDENT.

“The mere existence of a demonstration such as this, which uses immigrants as an excuse, but which is clearly racist, does not help the inhabitants of Shenandoah”, he stated.

Clearly this Mayor does not represent the majority of people in his town and I won’t be surprised if the town does not recall his butt. The people who are INCITING things Mr Mayor are these RACIST groups like MALDEF and dirtbags like Agapito Lopez and Miguel Rivera who travel from town to town and insert racism into situations for their own political/monetary gain - much like Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson - who also apply the label of “Reverend” in a totally incorrect way.

He insisted on creating a liaison committee to attend to the complaints and worries of the Latino community in Shenandoah. With regard to the threats that members of the Hispanic community ensure they have been the targets of, O’Neill stated that he was unaware of such incidents.

That’s because they aren’t true! Let’s talk about the threats endured by the families of the teens by the illegal alien Mexicans in this town shall we?

“I am the most interested in ensuring that this does not happen in our town”, he stated. “It’s difficult to know if this is true if people do not report it to the authorities”.
He said that if the people are scared of turning to the police, they can turn to him to accompany them to report such acts.
“If anyone feels threatened, he/she can come call me at home and I will answer”, he affirmed. The mayor’s phone number is (not provided)

miguel rivera And let’s take a look at Miguel Rivera - who is he and what makes HIM an expert on Shenandoah exactly?

Here he inserted himself into the Oklahoma legislation (that passed and is in effect by the way) that made it illegal to employ and rent to illegal aliens. He actually stated that this bill and it’s supporters were guilty of ETHNIC CLEANSING! More on that gem here!

More here on his views on the Oklahoma legislation and his attempts to make the law into something racist (see the pattern?)

Here is a discussion about his involvement in attempts by Riverside, NJ to enforce immigration laws. A quote from him “Riverside is going to be ours”. Read about that here.
rivera asshole

Oh and here he is jumping into an incident in Rhode Island and yet again, inflating the racial nature of the incident. For Mr Rivera it is all about White people hating on Hispanics.  To want our laws enforced and to STOP this INVASION of our country by mostly Hispanic illegal aliens is to be racist in his eyes. And Mr Rivera, it seems, wants to point HIS finger at US for “hate speech” but I would like to point out how HATEFUL the SPEECH and the LIES are in the Al Dia article above and it is HE who contributed to it. For every finger you point at others, Mr Rivera, you have at least THREE pointing back at yourself.

I’ll update this list more after some digging…

The Crystal Dillman that People Magazine didn’t see

September 5th, 2008

Crystal Dillman The fiancee of Mexican illegal alien Luis Ramirez, who died as a result of a fight with some teens in Shenandoah, PA, has been getting quite the media attention outside of the town. But inside the town, people who know Crystal tell a different story and because I am the inquiring type, I decided to check a few things out.

There are lots of rumors flying around and until there are facts behind them, they are just rumors. However, the fact is that on July 23rd Crystal Dillman was cited for and plead guilty to driving without a license. Not even two weeks later, she was cited AGAIN for RECKLESS DRIVING. The rumor part of the second offense is, that she was attempting to run over with a van (owned by Ricardo Gomez), her own half-sister who she suspects had been sleeping with her fiancee, the now deceased Luis Ramirez. And the plot thickens. Was she charged with attempted vehicular homicide? No.. Was she charged with “driving without a license”? No.. And why is that I wondered? Did she miraculously receive her suspended license back in time to run someone over with her van?

*Update* I spoke with the Chief of Police Matthew Nestor who provided me with the answer to this question. Apparently Crystal Dillman never had a valid driver’s license and after she was stopped, she went ahead and got her valid driver’s license. So that answers the question about the subsequent traffic citations and why she was not charged with driving without a license. Keep in mind that this 24 year old woman has been driving without a valid driver’s license however. What is up with that??? Maybe because she hangs around with illegal aliens and sees that they apparently don’t need valid driver’s licenses, why should she bother getting one? And now we know why Crystal is not driving her own vehicle as well.

As if that is not enough, on August 22nd, Crystal Dillman AGAIN was driving Ricardo Gomez’s van when a teenager robbed the Rite-Aid in Shenandoah and attempted to flee by getting into the van driven by Dillman. Dillman was “not cited”. Yep you got that right. She should have been charged with being an accessory to a robbery (driving the getaway vehicle).  This robbery occurred in Frackville to be fair to the Shenandoah Police Department.

Aug 22, 2008 (Republican & Herald - McClatchy-Tribune News Service via COMTEX) — Aug. 22–FRACKVILLE — Borough police on Thursday charged a Shenandoah woman for stealing $50 worth of merchandise from Rite Aid Pharmacy at 452 S. Lehigh Ave., according to Chief Christopher Hand.

Hand said police will file a summary charge of retail theft against Kayla Weikel, 18, of 110 Pioneer Road, in the office of Magisterial District Judge Bernadette J. Nahas, Frackville.

At 2:05 p.m. Thursday, Weikel entered the store, picked up a package of Zantrex 3, a diet supplement valued at $39.99, and a First-Response pregnancy test valued at $9, and exited without paying, Hand said.

“The buzzers went off and store personnel stopped and questioned her. She stated she didn’t have anything,” Hand said.

After the store personnel found Weikel in possession of the items, she dropped them and got into a gold 2001 Dodge sedan, which pulled out of the parking lot and headed north, Hand said.

The driver was Crystal Dillman, 15 N. Main St., Shenandoah. The vehicle is owned by Ricardo Aviles Gomez, 340 S. Jardin St., Shenandoah. A 16-year-old female juvenile was also in the vehicle, Hand said.

Assisted by Gilberton and Shenandoah police departments, Frackville police stopped the car a mile away at Advanced Auto Parts, 6 Gold Star Plaza, Shenandoah, Hand said.

Dillman was not charged in the incident.

I wonder who the First Response Pregnancy Test was intended for… hmmm…?

It seems Crystal Dillman just can’t abide by our laws and be a good example for her children. How sad for them. I can see why she has a lot in common with illegal aliens now however.

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