Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

Pennsylvania Governor Pursuing Charges Against Shenandoah Teens for “Fatal Attack” on Mexican Illegal Alien

June 2nd, 2009

 So Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania wants the Justice Department to launch a “civil rights investigation”   Ed Rendell -PA Traitor into the street fight death of ILLEGAL ALIEN Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, PA. Oh really?

Let me get this story perfectly straight. These facts came out in the TRIAL where a JURY found these teens innocent of most of these trumped up charges. What came out in the trial was that this was not an “attack” by the white teens on Ramirez. It was a two sided street fight very much perpetuated by the deceased Mr Ramirez.

SECONDLY - Ramirez was here illegally. He does not get “civil rights”. The very nature of that word implies civil as in citizen.  Here is the definition of CIVIL RIGHTS from the American Heritage Dictionary:

 civil rights
pl.n.  The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination.
adj.   or civ·il-rights (sĭv’əl-rīts’)

  1. Of or relating to such rights or privileges: civil rights legislation.
  2. Of or relating to a political movement, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, devoted to securing equal opportunity and treatment for members of minority groups.

So either Governor Ed Rendell does not know this about “civil rights” or he is DISTORTING THE LAW to pander to the likes of MALDEF and the National Council of LA RAZA (the race).

Luis Ramirez was NOT, as they characterize him in this story, a “Mexican immigrant”. Those kind come through the INS and apply for citizenship and Visas. No - he was a Mexican ILLEGAL ALIEN who knowingly broke US Immigration Laws to live in the community of Shenandoah, and strangely enough, found EMPLOYMENT there even though the unemployement rate for CITIZENS in Shenandoah was higher than the national average. He had not just arrived here - he had lived here illegally for SIX YEARS.

Perhaps you might like to call Governor Ed Rendell and let him know what you think of his distortion of our laws in favor of illegal aliens and deliberately persecuting US citizens at the behest of MALDEF.

Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284
E-mail the Governor’s Office

Governor Ed Rendell may be considering a run for the Senate in 2010.  Keep in mind that Rendell seems all to willing to pander to illegal aliens and PERSECUTE CITIZENS when you enter the voting booth in November of 2010.

You also may want to contact the US Justcie Department and let them know what CIVIL RIGHTS apply to and that they DO NOT apply to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000
Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555

Thanks to Kathleen for the tip on this story.

Yet Another Rapist Illegal Alien Gets Free Meal on US Taxpayers for Years to Come

September 6th, 2008

To the politicians who supposedly represent WE THE PEOPLE. How many of these criminal illegal aliens are you going to let roam around in our country? How many American lives have to be RUINED by illegal aliens before you will all grow a GOD DAMN BACKBONE? Perhaps if Jenna Bush gets raped by an illegal alien, then GW won’t be so enamored about their presence in this country. I notice suddenly the candidates for President are ignoring the elephant in the room called ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and they are hoping if they win the office of the President they will wave their magic wand and poof all the illegal aliens will blend into our society as legal citizens and they will think the problem has been solved. Well I’m here to tell you that you ignore this elephant in the room at the peril of the future of this country!

I implore every citizen who cares about turning this issue around to INVESTIGATE EVERY POLITICIAN WHO WILL BE ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT. Call them and ask them what they plan to do about illegal aliens in their district or if they will be in the Senate - ask them what legislation dealing with this issue that they support. If you don’t know who you are voting for in November - how do you expect anything to change??? Here is where you can find out who is on your local ballot so that you can find out who they are and what they stand for. The site is You do NOT need to depend on the media for your information about candidates. If you don’t find out who is on your ballot and WHO THEY ARE then you are wasting your vote.

Rapist faces state prison term before deportation

Published: Saturday, September 6, 2008 4:25 AM EDT

Justino Diaz-Espiridio, who raped a woman last September in her Klingerstown home, will spend many years behind state prison bars before being deported to his native Mexico after being sentenced Friday in Schuylkill County Court.

Diaz-Espiridio, 29, of Klingerstown, must serve 7 to 15 years in a state correctional institution and be subject to Megan’s Law sanctions for life, Judge Charles M. Miller ruled.

“You had absolutely no justification for this,” Miller told a handcuffed and scowling Diaz-Espiridio, who said nothing during the sentencing hearing. “You took from this young woman her health and her emotional well-being.”

Miller also sentenced Diaz-Espiridio to pay costs, $1,000 in fines and $8,382 restitution, and to submit a DNA sample to law enforcement authorities.

Furthermore, District Attorney James P. Goodman said Friday that Diaz-Espiridio is an illegal immigrant and has a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer lodged against him, meaning he will be deported as soon as he completes his sentence.

After a two-day trial over which Miller presided, a jury convicted Diaz-Espiridio on June 10 of rape, burglary, criminal trespass and indecent assault.

State police at Schuylkill Haven charged Diaz-Espiridio with raping the 20-year-old woman on Sept. 9.

“This is a type of thing that we really don’t have very often,” First Assistant District Attorney Karen Noon said in asking for a stiff sentence for Diaz-Espiridio. “He was waiting for her. She was totally taken off guard.”

The victim never returned to her apartment and no longer even wants to live in Pennsylvania, Noon said.

The victim’s father also said great harm was done to his daughter.

“He’s kind of ruined her life,” he said. After the hearing, he said she must undergo medical testing because of the rape.

Assistant Public Defender Lora J. McDonald, Diaz-Espiridio’s attorney, said he has no prior record and wants to return eventually to Mexico.

How about we return him to HELL instead? He has no prior record hmm..? How do you even know if this is his REAL NAME?

“He would like to take responsibility and put this behind him,” McDonald said of her client.

Noon declined to comment after the sentencing.

The victim’s father said he wished Diaz-Espiridio had gotten an even longer sentence but that he understood the court had its hands tied to some extent.

Huh? How did the government have their hands tied? Could it by they were tied by MEXICO who once again butted into our justice system where they have no jurisdiction? How about Mexico butt into legal affairs BEFORE their citizens commit crimes for a change? Mexico knows they are sending their poor and their criminals to the US so they are fully aware that our country is being filled with the lowlifes that Mexico does not want.

He expressed anger about illegal immigrants like Diaz-Espiridio, saying the government should crack down on businesses that hire them.

The Megan’s Law sanctions to which Diaz-Espiridio is subject include being required to report to state police his address, photograph, job and educational statuses and any changes in those.

Oh yeah - I’m sure this guy will be reporting in when he sneaks across the border AGAIN after he has been released - probably in the lowest number of years possible - 7 years. Does anyone notice that a RAPIST ILLEGAL ALIEN is going to serve LESS TIME THAN COMPEAN AND RAMOS OUR BORDER AGENTS WHO ARE IN PRISON FOR DOING THEIR JOBS????? Did Compean and Ramos get a 7-12 year sentence? NO! They got a MINIMUM OF TEN YEARS FOR USING A GUN TO DO THEIR JOBS.


Pics and Video from Shenandoah Rally Saturday August 30th

August 31st, 2008

pan small

Panorama of rally

Dan worked all day on processing the photos and video from the rally yesterday. You can find many of them here at his post on Digger’s Realm on the rally. You can also read Wendy Medishefshki’s coverage of the rally here at Pa Pundit site. The videos from the rally with the speakers and other happenings at the rally are here on YouTube.

Dan Ruth The rally was relatively short by normal Voice of the People USA standards and all the speakers held the attention of the rally goers for the most part UNTIL Crystal Dillman, the fiancee of Luis Ramirez, showed up with some other girls and with a Mexican flag and began shouting “racists” at the crowd.

Gee I thought Crystal and her crowd were pushing for “unity” - then why was Crystal at OUR rally trying to incite an attack? Could it have been a cheap ploy for attention because for once the patriotic citizens of Shenandoah were getting all the media attention? You will notice that NONE of the people from the Voice of the People USA rally went over to the Unity gathering to try to disrupt their little “unity” charade. So.. I ask you .. who are the instigators and who are acting like mature adults? For the most part, after the initial reaction, the crowd gathered at Babe Ruth Memorial Park in a show of unity for enforcing the laws, ignored the attempts by Crystal Dillman and company to disrupt the rally and cause a disturbance that would have over-shadowed the peaceful rally. Nice try Crystal. Your lack of class shows very clearly in acts like these. I was proud of the group for resisting the attempts by Crystal and her friends to goad them into reacting.
Dan Smeriglio Wendi

All the speakers at the rally were well-received by the crowd and after the rally ended, it seemed there was not enough time to talk to everyone who wanted to know more. Digger printed up only 30 flyers with some links and info and those were gone in the first 10 minutes! It’s expensive to print up a lot of flyers and we aren’t paid by anyone to do what we do but at the next rally I think we’ll spring to have copies done at a copy center before the rally. View the flyer here

One thing I noticed at this rally is - here are a group of people thrust into the immigration debate spotlight. They haven’t all been watching Lou Dobbs and all of this is quite new to them. They have a lot of catching up to do to combat the rhetoric flying around and the more educated they become about the illegal immigration situation and what they can do about it, the more positive outcomes will result from this tragedy. This incident that has thrust them into the spotlight is a real wake-up call for their small community and I really wish it didn’t take something like this to galvanize people to band together and fight the scourge of illegal immigration. How many more communities will have this kind of culture clash result in a death - whether it be an American or another illegal alien - before that community wakes up and begins participating in being part of the solution?


Here’s a photo Dan captured of Crystal and her buddies holding the Mexican flag while shouting “racists” at our group.

Crystal the attention whore

Yeah that’s a real “unifying” thing to do Crystal at a Pro-American rally now isn’t it?


Pennsylvania Legislation Seeks to End Sanctuary Cities in PA

June 10th, 2008


Good news for all Pennsylvania residents…. I wonder if Reading, Norristown and Philadelphia will get the memo that their days as “sanctuary cities” are numbered? I urge you to call your PA rep and tell them you support the entire legislation package sponsored by Daryl Metcalfe… It’s ALL good as they say and is a BIG step in the right direction for Pennsylvania.

I live near Norristown and it makes me SICK to see an entire section of the “West End” turned into a Little Mexico. The sign at the bottom of the strip says “Historic Shopping District” but it should say “Historic Puebla Mexico” instead. Several blocks of West Marshall Street are now exclusively Mexican restaurants, Mexican bodegas and even their own little indoor Mall called La Plazita.. A big real estate guy in the area even advertises his rentals IN SPANISH in that area. What is wrong with this picture???? Norristown USED to be Germans and Italians for the most part. Now it is almost 35% Mexican!!! And we are more than 2000 miles from the southern border. If I wanted to live near a border town I’d move to Texas or Arizona for crying out loud.

I have approached the Norristown Town Council and the Montgomery County Commissioners. All of them have felt it is “not their yob” to solve the invasion of illegal aliens into Norristown. One particular councilman, Bill Procyson, makes the point that the Mexicans are “nice” and why should it be his problem to pick out who is here illegally? My point - we shouldn’t have to wonder at all - that is if our GOVERNMENT was DOING ITS JOB.

Now with this legislation package - people like Bill Procyson won’t get to say - “not my yob” and they will be forced to deal with the growing problem of an increasing TAX BURDEN without an increasing TAX BASE from the invasion of illegal aliens into our state and our towns.



News Advisory
Office of State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe
June 10, 2008 FOR INFORMATION: Ty McCauslin (717) 772-9979

State Lawmakers to Unveil “No Sanctuary” Legislation to Offset Increasing Taxpayer Costs Fueling PA’s Illegal Alien Invasion

WHAT: State Representatives Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), Tom Creighton (R-Lancaster), Mark Mustio (R-Allegheny), Scott Perry (R-Cumberland/York) and Harry Readshaw (D-Allegheny) will introduce the newest additions to the National Security Begins at Home package.

Sponsored by Metcalfe, both pieces of legislation would provide legal and economic sanctions against any city, municipality or other local government entity that adopts ordinances, policies or informal procedures to encourage illegal aliens to reside within its borders or otherwise hinders law enforcement activities.

WHO: Offering support for this bipartisan legislation and providing insight on the ever-increasing social and taxpayer costs resulting from Pennsylvania’s ongoing Illegal Alien Invasion will be Kathleen Appell, research and media coordinator, Citizens for Immigration Control and Enforcement; Marianne Davies, Esq. vice-chair, You Don’t Speak for Me; and Yeh Ling-Ling, executive director Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America.

Other state lawmakers scheduled to attend include: Reps. Jim Cox, (R-Berks), Rob Kauffman, (R-Cumberland/Franklin), Sam Rohrer (R-Berks) and RoseMarie Swanger (R-Lebanon).

DATE: Wednesday, June 11
TIME: 10 a.m.
WHERE: State Capitol Rotunda
LIVE WEBCAST: Log on to,, or beginning at 9:55 a.m. on Wednesday morning.


Last summer, Digger and I attended a press conference in Philadelphia with many of the people leading this charge. Read about it here on Digger’s Realm

Here is an excerpt from a 2003 article in The Times Herald which tried to answer the question - Why Norristown?

Puebla and Acapulco are the two largest sending cities, officials said. But nobody is sure who was first or why Norristown was chosen. Officials only have assumptions. The most widely accepted beliefs are:
1. Immigrants arrive in larger cities and towns such as Philadelphia and West Chester, naturally sprawling to Norristown.
2. Inexpensive housing in Norristown encourages immigrants to establish lives here, rather than more expensive surrounding townships.
3. The abundance of service jobs in landscaping, retail, restaurants and hotels creates a demand that immigrants supply. Mexican immigrants are most often single men working in these jobs six to nine months of the year, who return to Mexico for the rest of the year.
4. Once immigrants establish homes here, they send for their families and friends, and in turn, these families and friends tell more people, creating a domino effect.
5. Less than 500,000 immigrants each year stay in the country. Though it looks like many immigrants are here, what people mostly see are immigrants in the country using temporary visas.

The journey is not easy.

Some people have visas and other proper documentation to live in the United States, but about half of the Mexican population does not.

“It’s not easy to make that decision - to leave behind everything you know,” said Miguel Dones, president of Conecciones, a social services and economic organization serving the Norristown community.   Officials from the United States and Mexico agree that the reason for the great wave of immigration is money. “The opportunities are on this side of the border,” said Deputy Consul Jacob Prado of the Mexican Consulate of Philadelphia. “Nobody wants to leave their hometown or families. If they come here, it’s because economic opportunities are available in this country.”

There you have it. Remove the ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES for illegal aliens and they will not come here!

More on how the population of Norristown has changed from the same article:

Between 1990 and 2000, Norristown’s Hispanic population jumped nearly 400 percent, with most of the expansion within the last five years.

Nobody is exactly sure why thousands have chosen to live here, but Norristown has the largest population of Hispanics in Montgomery County.

While the Hispanic population increased by nearly 2,500 individuals, the total population of the borough only increased by 500 people.

This means at least 2,000 non-Hispanics moved out of Norristown, while 2,000 Hispanics moved in.

In the early and mid 90’s, Puerto Ricans were the largest Hispanic minority in Norristown, but now Mexicans have taken over that distinction.

The entire reason for controlling immigration and enforcing immigration laws in ANY country is to prevent the cultural hijacking of any part of a country through large numbers of “immigrants” - legal or illegal - to a community. The reasoning behind immigration control is to PRESERVE the cultural identity of our towns and cities. But instead we have allowed the population of Norristown to be INVADED through a 400 PER CENT INCREASE in Hispanics - most of whom are here illegally. I hold the leaders of Norristown fully responsible for allowing this to happen and I whole heartedly support the efforts by Daryl Metcalfe and others at our state government level for leading the charge to turn this tide and reclaim Norristown and other places in Pennsylvania for the native population.

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