Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

Hispanic PUNK - not White Man - Held in Oklahoma Triple Murder

February 17th, 2009

I first read this story on Robert Chad Barela from Cushing, OK who killed three people and fled and this guy is described as a “white male”. Turns out.. he is not white - on his MySpace Page he describes himself as Latino/Hispanic and he is proud to be Half Mexican.

So this is an Anchor Baby you can be sure of that. A gang banger wannabe and a poster child for why we should NOT bestow citizenship on babies born to ILLEGAL ALIENS.  I don’t know for sure if his parents came here illegally but I am betting they DID. From his MySpace page (linked below) he says he is “half Mexican”… wonder what the other half is? Whatever the source, it sure seems both halves of him - aka his parents - were losers and allowed him to slip into the gangsta lifestyle in his teen years and they let him drop out of school.  This kind of parenting our country could do without!

Barela PUNK

Here are some excerpts from his MySpace Page:

About me:

im 20 going on 21 in april im from the 209 stockton california and im not tall but not short thats because im half mexican and proud of it anyways if you dont know me then dont speak about me if you do then you already know im fun to be around but they say im a good guy and some say im a bad guy tell you like this just dont get on my mad side


  • Status: Single
  • Hometown: stockton
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Body type: 5′ 7″ / Slim / Slender
  • Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Children: Someday
  • Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
  • Education: High school
  • Occupation: community activist  (Obama would be proud)
  • Income$150,000 to $250,000  (how much of that LEGAL?)



  • General  -  money and guns god and police activity there up to something

  • Music  -  variety

  • Movies  -  action

  • Heroes   -   not the cops  ( I bet! )

Here’s the description of the Cushing, OK Triple Slay suspect from the news:

He is described as a white man, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 145 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes, according to the paper.

Here is what the description SHOULD say:

He is described as a light skinned Hispanic male, 20 years old, sporting many gangsta tattoos and typical gangsta tough guy look, weighing 145 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

I’m really sick and tired of the whites getting lumped together with these Hispanic gang bangers - probably with parents who snuck into this country in the back of a truck. Their crime stats are getting lumped into ours and HIDDEN if you ask me. I’m sick of it I tell you.. Sick of it!

Here’s more details over at True Crime on this crime.

And an update:

UPDATE reports that Robert Chad Barela has been arrested. He was spotted at a Wal-Mart in Stillwater, OK. Police haven’t named the victims of the triple homicide in Cushing, but they have again stated that Barela is a ’significant person of interest’ in the case.

Even more info here in the comments from local people in the Cushing, OK area. Quite informative - there are apparently two other underage suspects being pursued as well.

Update 11:30pm Feb 17th

This story has the most detail found so far. Some of the new information:

Family members identified Albert Sernas, 21, and Douglass Mason Peck, 27, as two of the victims. Sernas’ father, Norman Sernas, said his son and Barela are cousins.

Former roommates of Elizabeth Michelle Hueser, 19, identified her as the third victim. They said Barela is Hueser’s former boyfriend, and Sernas was her best friend.

Officials had not said how the victims died or released their identities Tuesday night.

Jesse Martinez, who said he has known Barela since he was 9, said Barela sent a text message to a friend Tuesday morning saying he had lost it and didn’t know what he had done.

Norman Sernas said his son told him Barela pointed a gun at him in December, and that the gun went off and the bullet hit another person in the knee. A police spokeswoman confirmed Barela was investigated in a gun-related aggravated assault on Dec. 11, but he was not arrested.

Peck, an Iraq war veteran who family members said was discharged after he was injured in a helicopter crash, was arrested on Feb. 2 on complaints of having chemicals police suspected were used to manufacture methamphetamine, but he was never charged in the crime, according to Cushing records. Peck’s family and friends said they believe it was that arrest that led to his death.

Kenneth Birkes, a longtime family friend, said Peck was working with police as an informant and had given them information on Barela involving illegal drugs and guns. Birkes said he believes that information was the catalyst to the triple slaying.

ABC Show “What Would You Do” Opens 2009 Season with Anti-American Topic

January 6th, 2009

So now we have ABC apparently wanting Americans to just sit back and take it from the invading hordes of illegal alien Mexicans. This is revealed in their season opener of What Would You Do where they setup regular Americans in New Jersey to get them to react to illegal alien non-English speaking day laborers. The SLANT is - you Americans who don’t like them are RACISTS.  Nevermind that these illegals have come here with TOTAL disrespect for our laws. They take from our social services, our hospitals our public housing and they give NOTHING BACK. They send their extra money home to Mexcio or Guatemala instead of into the American economy. I can’t imagine why Americans are pissed off at that can you?  Well apparently ABC is cluelss and so is John Quinones who is himself of Mexican heritage and apparently he is totally sympathetic to the invading hordes of Mexicans - most of whom feel we stole the American southwest from Mexico and they are BREEDING and INVADING their way to taking it back from us by simple majority of population.

See the video snippet on this here

I watched the first ten minutes of this waste of space show and got so angry I almost got out a hammer to destroy my television - which probably would not be a bad idea since it is the biggest piece of garbage furniture in my home.

You better believe Americans are ANGRY at having illegal alien Mexicans invade their communities and have them bringing identity theft rings, prostitution rings, drug rings - to their towns - all across America. I predict that this anger will soon boil over - as soon as McStain and his other traitor friends get working on another amnesty for illegals - yep - I think that will be the tipping point for Americans and I’d have to say - if you are an illegal alien it might be time for you to think about going home before it’s too late.

I’d like to remind all you illegal alien sympathizers that the entire notion of IMMIGRATION LAWS is so that immigrants do not come to this country in such large numbers and do not assimilate that it changes the nature of the indigent culture. But that is what is happening with this blatant invasion by illegal aliens from Mexico and South America. Our culture is UNDER ATTACK by the third world cultures being imported with the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS MOSTLY FROM HISPANIC COUNTRIES.

So now I will be crossing ABC off my viewing list - and it will join NBC and MSNBC on that list.  I will use my boob tube only for watching movies *I* select with Netflix instead of wasting my time on the FAUX NEWS from these stations and the CRAP PROGRAMMING.

So when you watch the snippet, watch how they portray “Mario” and his hurt feelings at the “discrimination” by Americans. He “no comprende” why Americans treat him this way.. well that’s because he is IGNORANT and STUPIDO.  They sneak into our country illegally and have hurt feelings when we don’t want them here?????  And how exactly do we know they are illegal? BECAUSE THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!  LEGAL IMMIGRANTS LEARN THE LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY THEY WISH TO BECOME PART OF.  ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE JUST USERS OF THE HOST COUNTRY - LIKE A PARASITE. THAT IS WHY WE HATE THEM AND WE SURE DO HATE THEM.  GO HOME WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE.

PRLDEF Lawsuit Alleging That the US Fails To Protect Latinos Based on False Information

December 22nd, 2008

Apparently the National Council of La Raza’s self-proclaimed “Wave of Hate” Campaign has yet another branch coming now from the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund who has filed a lawsuit with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which is part of the Organization of American States.  They are charging that the United States is failing to live up to the group’s declaration on human rights, known as the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.  The lawsuit cites that violence against Latinos rose 40 percent between 2003 and 2007.

Well I did some research and so far, between 2006 and 2007, using statistics from the FBI Crime Statistic web site - the increase in crimes against Hispanics which were considered bias hate crimes rose by FIVE - not 5% but a total of 5 more of these crimes occurred in 2007 compared to 2006.

I did some further research, and guess what - the percent of crimes against Hispanic, when the total Hispanic population is considered, actually WENT DOWN between 2006 and 2007 and here is how I got there:

Total Hispanic population in 2006      40 million  (1)

Total Hispanic population in 2007       45.5 million (1)

Total hate crimes against Hispanics in 2006         770  (2)

Total hate crimes against Hispanics in 2007         775  (3)

The percentage of crimes within the Hispanic population that can be attributed to hate crimes was .00193% in 2006 and in 2007 it was .00171%.  That’s a DECREASE!  Notice that also LESS THAN 1 PER CENT OF THE HISPANIC POPULATION IN BOTH 2006 AND 2007 HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF A HATE CRIME BECAUSE OF THEIR ETHNICITY.

Let’s compare that to - hmm.. maybe the Black population shall we?

Without bothering with the percentages except to note that the Black population has been now surpassed by the Hispanic population in this country and it’s around 40 million - let’s look at the numbers of hate crimes against blacks:

2006 Hate Crimes against Blacks                    3136

2007 Hate Crimes against Blacks                     3275

That percentage of hate crimes compared to the population is WAY higher than Hispanics are experiencing.

And I’d like to point out that the habit of obscuring statistics about Hispanics makes it very difficult to tally up these numbers because, in essence, often Hispanics are categorized as part of the WHITE race because they do not consider Hispanic or Latino to be a  RACE but an ETHNICITY.

Here’s some interesting statistics for you.  On the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list - 4 of the 10 are Hispanic -yet the Hispanic population is only 14.5 % of the total US population. So 40 PER CENT of the criminals on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list are Hispanic taking up a much larger share there than they do in the general population. What gives?   If you also are a frequent viewer of America’s Most Wanted, you might also find that most of the fugitves they chase these days are illegal aliens with Hispanic names.  Also true on the cops shows where they follow the police arresting fugitives. You will find most of the fugitives are Hispanics. Gee there a trend for ya PRLDEF.

Here’s an interesting link I found. The San Francisco DEA’s Most Wanted Fugitives list. Notice there is not ONE non-Hispanic name and face on that list?  Where do I file MY petition that MY GOVERNMENT IS NOT PROTECTING ME AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN FROM THESE CRIMINAL HISPANICS?  In fact, go to the main page and see that click on ANY state you will see that in EVERY STATE the DEA fugitives are HISPANIC. What is wrong with this picture????  And if you really want to see how the White/Hispanic statistics are SO SKEWED just click on some of the offenders and it clearly states Place of Birth is MEXICO yet their race is WHITE. HUH? So next time you see WHITE crime statistics realize that a LARGE PORTION OF WHITE CRIME IS FROM ILLEGAL ALIEN HISPANICS WHO ARE LISTED AS WHITE.

So let’s take a look at this  Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man as it pertains to the protection and rights of the legal American citizen. And notice - all of these “rights” do not mention who is going to PAY for these services and things humans have a “right” to.

Right to life, liberty and personal security.
Article I. Every human being has the right to life, liberty and the security of his person.

Right to equality before law.
Article II. All persons are equal before the law and have the rights and duties established in this Declaration, without distinction as to race, sex, language, creed or any other factor.

Right to religious freedom and worship.
Article III. Every person has the right freely to profess a religious faith, and to manifest and practice it both in public and in private.

Right to freedom of investigation, opinion, expression and dissemination.
Article IV. Every person has the right to freedom of investigation, of opinion, and of the expression and dissemination of ideas, by any medium whatsoever.

Right to protection of honor, personal reputation, and private and family life.
Article V. Every person has the right to the protection of the law against abusive attacks upon his honor, his reputation, and his private and family life.

Right to a family and to protection thereof.
Article VI. Every person has the right to establish a family, the basic element of society, and to receive protection therefor.

Right to protection for mothers and children.
Article VII. All women, during pregnancy and the nursing period, and all children have the right to special protection, care and aid.

Right to residence and movement.
Article VIII. Every person has the right to fix his residence within the territory of the state of which he is a national, to move about freely within such territory, and not to leave it except by his own will.

Right to inviolability of the home.
Article IX. Every person has the right to the inviolability of his home.

Right to the inviolability and transmission of correspondence
Article X. Every person has the right to the inviolability and transmission of his correspondence.

Right to the preservation of health and to well-being.
Article XI. Every person has the right to the preservation of his health through sanitary and social measures relating to food, clothing, housing and medical care, to the extent permitted by public and community resources.

Right to education.
Article XII. Every person has the right to an education, which should be based on the principles of liberty, morality and human solidarity.

Likewise every person has the right to an education that will prepare him to attain a decent life, to raise his standard of living, and to be a useful member of society.

The right to an education includes the right to equality of opportunity in every case, in accordance with natural talents, merit and the desire to utilize the resources that the state or the community is in a position to provide.

Every person has the right to receive, free, at least a primary education.

Right to the benefits of culture.
Article XIII. Every person has the right to take part in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts, and to participate in the benefits that result from intellectual progress, especially scientific discoveries.

He likewise has the right to the protection of his moral and material interests as regards his inventions or any literary, scientific or artistic works of which he is the author.

Right to work and to fair remuneration.
Article XIV. Every person has the right to work, under proper conditions, and to follow his vocation freely, insofar as existing conditions of employment permit.

Every person who works has the right to receive such remuneration as will, in proportion to his capacity and skill, assure him a standard of living suitable for himself and for his family.

Right to leisure time and to the use thereof.

On an unrelated topic - I notice this “Declaration of Rights” does not include the “right to marry”. Tell that to the Prop 8 haters.

Postville Iowa Illegal Aliens trying to claim “they didn’t know it was illegal”

July 13th, 2008

This needs to be filed under “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” Sadly, it is actually going to spur HEARINGS from the House Judiciary Committee because now Rep Zoe Lofgren apparently does NOT understand how the laws in this country work and that you cannot claim ignorance of the laws and escape punishment. That fact is codified in the statement I have heard ALL MY LIFE from law enforcement and it goes like this :


If this is allowed to go as far as HEARINGS by our so-called political representatives in Congress, it will be yet another blow to the rule of law in this country, as our so-called political representatives debate whether or not we need to hold illegal aliens to the same legal standards as citizens. Yes folks, that is the only thing that can come from this. It really could happen that even at our highest levels of government, illegal aliens will be excused from their illegal behavior “because they didn’t know it was illegal”. Meanwhile, you and I are held to the standard of “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

We need to NIP THIS ONE IN THE BUD folks and I provide contact information for the culprits behind this farce as well as a link to contact info on ALL the House Judiciary Committe members and let’s get the phones ringing off the hook. Make no mistake about it, if these Postville illegal aliens are allowed to say that they “didn’t know it was illegal to use the Social Security Card with someone else’s name on it” it will open the door to all illegal aliens claiming ignorance of our laws as a way to escape punishment. Rep Zoe Lofgren SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF. But then again she comes from San Francisco where there are very few laws which are followed apparently.

Thanks to Michael Cutler for alerting me and others to this article in the New York Times.

An Interpreter Speaking Up for Migrants ( where’s my tiny violin? )

In 23 years as a certified Spanish interpreter for federal courts, Erik Camayd-Freixas has spoken up in criminal trials many times, but the words he uttered were rarely his own. Dr Erik Camayd-Freixas

Then he was summoned here by court officials to translate in the hearings for nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers arrested in a raid on May 12 at a meatpacking plant. Since then, Mr. Camayd-Freixas, a professor of Spanish at Florida International University, has taken the unusual step of breaking the code of confidentiality among legal interpreters about their work.

In a 14-page essay he circulated among two dozen other interpreters who worked here, Professor Camayd-Freixas wrote that the immigrant defendants whose words he translated, most of them villagers from Guatemala, did not fully understand the criminal charges they were facing or the rights most of them had waived.

In the essay and an interview, Professor Camayd-Freixas said he was taken aback by the rapid pace of the proceedings and the pressure prosecutors brought to bear on the defendants and their lawyers by pressing criminal charges instead of deporting the workers immediately for immigration violations.

He said defense lawyers had little time or privacy to meet with their court-assigned clients in the first hectic days after the raid. Most of the Guatemalans could not read or write, he said. Most did not understand that they were in criminal court.

“The questions they asked showed they did not understand what was going on,” Professor Camayd-Freixas said in the interview. “The great majority were under the impression they were there because of being illegal in the country, not because of Social Security fraud.”

During fast-paced hearings in May, 262 of the illegal immigrants pleaded guilty in one week and were sentenced to prison — most for five months — for knowingly using false Social Security cards or legal residence documents to gain jobs at the Agriprocessors kosher meat plant in nearby Postville. It was the largest criminal enforcement operation ever carried out by immigration authorities at a workplace.

The essay has provoked new questions about the Agriprocessors proceedings, which had been criticized by criminal defense and immigration lawyers as failing to uphold the immigrants’ right to due process. Representative Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California and chairwoman of the House Judiciary immigration subcommittee, said she would hold a hearing on the prosecutions and call Professor Camayd-Freixas as a witness.

“The essay raises questions about whether the charges brought were supported by the facts,” Ms. Lofgren said.

Bob Teig, a spokesman for Matt M. Dummermuth, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, said the immigrants’ constitutional rights were not compromised.

Read more

Here is contact information for the two main culprits in this ridiculous fiasco as well as a link to the House Judiciary Committee so that you can contact and perhaps find some on that committee with some COMMON SENSE and urge them NOT TO HOLD HEARINGS ON THIS SUBJECT!!!

Erik Camayd-Freixas - Florida International University
Phone: 305-348-6222
Second Phone: 305-348-2851

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
Washington DC Phone: 202-225-3072
CA District Phone: 408-271-8700

House Judiciary Committee Members


* John Conyers (Mich.), Chairman
* Howard L. Berman (Calif.)
* Rick Boucher (Va.)
* Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.)
* Robert C. Scott (Va.)
* Melvin L. Watt (N.C.)
* Zoe Lofgren (Calif.)
* Sheila Jackson-Lee (Texas)
* Maxine Waters (Calif.)
* Martin T. Meehan (Mass.)
* William D. Delahunt (Mass.)
* Robert Wexler (Fla.)
* Linda Sanchez (Calif.)
* Steve Cohen (Tenn.)
* Hank Johnson (Ga.)
* Luis Gutierrez (Ill.)
* Brad Sherman (Calif.)
* Anthony D. Weiner (N.Y.)
* Adam B. Schiff (Calif.)
* Artur Davis (Ala.)
* Keith Ellison (Minn.)


* Lamar S. Smith (Texas), Ranking Member
* Jim Sensenbrenner (Wis.)
* Howard Coble (N.C.)
* Elton Gallegly (Calif.)
* Bob Goodlatte (Va.)
* Steve Chabot (Ohio)
* Dan Lungren (Calif.)
* Chris Cannon (Utah)
* Ric Keller (Fla.)
* Darrell Issa (Calif.)
* Mike Pence (Ind.)
* J. Randy Forbes (Va.)
* Steve King (Iowa)
* Tom Feeney (Fla.)
* Trent Franks (Ariz.)
* Louie Gohmert (Texas)
* Jim Jordan (Ohio)

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