Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

March for America continues in Seattle Washington

June 25th, 2007

Great job on the video and wonderful turnout of 150 patriots! Onward we march to VICTORY!


March for America video from Washington DC

June 18th, 2007

This one features David Marlett from US Patriot Companies.. More to come soon!

Arizona March for America a big success!

June 17th, 2007


View the video and the article here...

Dear PHXnews Readers,

I just got back home from the March for Arizona, which I was the MC of, and I can report this event was a huge success. For five hours proud Americans from all over the Southwestern United States, braved 109 degree weather to protest at the state capital.

PHXnews can report that during the five hour protest 700 people came to show their support for opposing amnesty, closing America’s borders and holding our politicians accountable.

Highlights of the day’s events were speeches by former US Representative, current KFYI talk show host JD Hayworth, State Representative Russell Pearce, Rusty Childress speaking on behalf of talk show host Terry Anderson, open microphone session where over 20 protestors aired their grievances and Operation Body Count, where we honored those Americans who have been killed by Illegal Immigrants.

There isn’t a bigger honor than being able to stand up for your community and lead a major protest and for that I’m very grateful.

Below is a list of some of Saturday’s speakers at Arizona’s March for America.


List of Speakers at Arizona’s March for America

State Representative Russell Pearce, father of Prop. 200

AZ Minute Woman Phyllis Gross, the National MCDC headquarters Manager speaking on behalf of Chris Simcox

Mr. Neville Cramer, a Special agent with 26 years of combined experience with the immigration and Naturalization service and as a border Patrol Agent of Eagle Pass Texas

Anna Gaines, from United for a Sovereign America, Minutemen of Arizona and “You Don’t Speak For Me” of Arizona

Buffalo Rick, a Disabled American Veteran and a Member of United for a Sovereign America

Dr. Frank Tamburri, a practicing physician in Arizona since 2001

Col. Rodriguez the Founder and Chairman of “You Don’t Speak For Me”

State Precinct Committeeman & President of Americans First, Mr. JT Ready

Rusty Childress, founder of United for a Sovereign America, speaking on behalf of Terry Anderson

Mr. Steve Lory, running for the Mayor of Phoenix

Mr. Jack Watson a Candidate for city council in district 3

Mr. Bob Parks, founder of Veterans for secure borders.

Terry with Riders Against Illegal Aliens

March for America - report from DC June 16th

June 16th, 2007

I was able to drive down to the DC event for the day - I wasn’t sure if I could until the last minute. The weather was really ideal in DC - the sun a little bit hot though. I didn’t arrive till 2:30 to the Washington Monument park site of the rally. There were 2-300 people gathered there listening to some very passionate speakers. I spoke with some of the participants who told me that the event that day had begun at the Capitol Building and the group walked all the way to the Washington Monument Park - about 20 blocks they said! That was quite a feat and I did hear mention of a “march” down Constitution Avenue on traffic reports I tuned into while driving down - so it was enough of a commotion to have mentioned on the traffic reports.

I give a lot of credit to the women who put this event together. It was MONTHS of planning - maybe even an entire year if I search for the very beginnings of it. There had to be THIRTY port-a-potties lined up ready to go.. and of course not nearly enough people to really use them, sadly Most of them were named for some traitor or another in our government. I am proud to say that I contributed to one which bore the name “Johnny Sutton”. I will add pictures to this post once I get them off the various devices.

This post would be remiss without mentioning a couple of large national groups .. who did not support this march and I think frankly that is SHAMEFUL of them. I will not name them - they know who they are. Their experience could have been very helpful to these women. Instead of helping them, they turned their backs on them and in the end, it only hurt the ENTIRE MOVEMENT so I don’t know what they expected to gain from doing so. At a time in this fight against the amnesty bill, to have divisiveness instead of unity in our ranks will only weaken our position in fighting this thing. It’s time for everyone to come together and put down their egos and put their energies into fighting the real enemy - our traitorous government.

The people who were in DC were many familiar faces who have tirelessly attended many events on the East Coast - spending their own money to travel to and stay in DC. Michele from MAIA came all the way from Arizona. A representative from Outraged Patriots came all the way from Oklahoma. There was another woman from North Carolina and I believe a few from California as well.

I was pleased to meet David Marlett of US Patriot Companies - a somewhat new face on the scene who has launched to allow US citizens to choose companies which pledge not to hire illegal aliens. I was an early supporter of his efforts and I urge any citizens who have a business to come into the fold and allow people to choose businesses who refuse to hire illegal aliens.

Unfortunately I missed many of the speakers but I did get to hear a few - Carmen Morales being one of them. Carmen is a NJ member of You Don’t Speak for Me and she brings a special perspective to this battle that prevents the opposition from making it a race issue because she is Hispanic and a legal immigrant from Puerto Rico I believe. There was another speaker who is also a legal immigrant. I didn’t hear her name - she gave an excellent perspective on how illegal immigration hurts LEGAL immigrants and makes her feel like all the work and money she put into becoming a citizen was a waste since she sees George Bush ready to wave his magic amnesty wand and award the same to people who came here in defiance of our immigration laws.

I heard that the Arizona capital March for America drew several hundred people and am looking forward to hearing from the other coordinated rallies around the nation for today.

We can’t give up and we MUST wake up more fellow citizens to the plight facing our nation - or we are goners.

Some of the pictures - I mostly got video which I will put together by tomorrow

Part of crowd

The Potties!

Impressive! Where was everyone????


Marge from PAC4ICE and John Martin the official musician for the event.


Alice from PAC4ICE and John Martin.

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