Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

PRLDEF Lawsuit Alleging That the US Fails To Protect Latinos Based on False Information

December 22nd, 2008

Apparently the National Council of La Raza’s self-proclaimed “Wave of Hate” Campaign has yet another branch coming now from the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund who has filed a lawsuit with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which is part of the Organization of American States.  They are charging that the United States is failing to live up to the group’s declaration on human rights, known as the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.  The lawsuit cites that violence against Latinos rose 40 percent between 2003 and 2007.

Well I did some research and so far, between 2006 and 2007, using statistics from the FBI Crime Statistic web site - the increase in crimes against Hispanics which were considered bias hate crimes rose by FIVE - not 5% but a total of 5 more of these crimes occurred in 2007 compared to 2006.

I did some further research, and guess what - the percent of crimes against Hispanic, when the total Hispanic population is considered, actually WENT DOWN between 2006 and 2007 and here is how I got there:

Total Hispanic population in 2006      40 million  (1)

Total Hispanic population in 2007       45.5 million (1)

Total hate crimes against Hispanics in 2006         770  (2)

Total hate crimes against Hispanics in 2007         775  (3)

The percentage of crimes within the Hispanic population that can be attributed to hate crimes was .00193% in 2006 and in 2007 it was .00171%.  That’s a DECREASE!  Notice that also LESS THAN 1 PER CENT OF THE HISPANIC POPULATION IN BOTH 2006 AND 2007 HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF A HATE CRIME BECAUSE OF THEIR ETHNICITY.

Let’s compare that to - hmm.. maybe the Black population shall we?

Without bothering with the percentages except to note that the Black population has been now surpassed by the Hispanic population in this country and it’s around 40 million - let’s look at the numbers of hate crimes against blacks:

2006 Hate Crimes against Blacks                    3136

2007 Hate Crimes against Blacks                     3275

That percentage of hate crimes compared to the population is WAY higher than Hispanics are experiencing.

And I’d like to point out that the habit of obscuring statistics about Hispanics makes it very difficult to tally up these numbers because, in essence, often Hispanics are categorized as part of the WHITE race because they do not consider Hispanic or Latino to be a  RACE but an ETHNICITY.

Here’s some interesting statistics for you.  On the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list - 4 of the 10 are Hispanic -yet the Hispanic population is only 14.5 % of the total US population. So 40 PER CENT of the criminals on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list are Hispanic taking up a much larger share there than they do in the general population. What gives?   If you also are a frequent viewer of America’s Most Wanted, you might also find that most of the fugitves they chase these days are illegal aliens with Hispanic names.  Also true on the cops shows where they follow the police arresting fugitives. You will find most of the fugitives are Hispanics. Gee there a trend for ya PRLDEF.

Here’s an interesting link I found. The San Francisco DEA’s Most Wanted Fugitives list. Notice there is not ONE non-Hispanic name and face on that list?  Where do I file MY petition that MY GOVERNMENT IS NOT PROTECTING ME AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN FROM THESE CRIMINAL HISPANICS?  In fact, go to the main page and see that click on ANY state you will see that in EVERY STATE the DEA fugitives are HISPANIC. What is wrong with this picture????  And if you really want to see how the White/Hispanic statistics are SO SKEWED just click on some of the offenders and it clearly states Place of Birth is MEXICO yet their race is WHITE. HUH? So next time you see WHITE crime statistics realize that a LARGE PORTION OF WHITE CRIME IS FROM ILLEGAL ALIEN HISPANICS WHO ARE LISTED AS WHITE.

So let’s take a look at this  Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man as it pertains to the protection and rights of the legal American citizen. And notice - all of these “rights” do not mention who is going to PAY for these services and things humans have a “right” to.

Right to life, liberty and personal security.
Article I. Every human being has the right to life, liberty and the security of his person.

Right to equality before law.
Article II. All persons are equal before the law and have the rights and duties established in this Declaration, without distinction as to race, sex, language, creed or any other factor.

Right to religious freedom and worship.
Article III. Every person has the right freely to profess a religious faith, and to manifest and practice it both in public and in private.

Right to freedom of investigation, opinion, expression and dissemination.
Article IV. Every person has the right to freedom of investigation, of opinion, and of the expression and dissemination of ideas, by any medium whatsoever.

Right to protection of honor, personal reputation, and private and family life.
Article V. Every person has the right to the protection of the law against abusive attacks upon his honor, his reputation, and his private and family life.

Right to a family and to protection thereof.
Article VI. Every person has the right to establish a family, the basic element of society, and to receive protection therefor.

Right to protection for mothers and children.
Article VII. All women, during pregnancy and the nursing period, and all children have the right to special protection, care and aid.

Right to residence and movement.
Article VIII. Every person has the right to fix his residence within the territory of the state of which he is a national, to move about freely within such territory, and not to leave it except by his own will.

Right to inviolability of the home.
Article IX. Every person has the right to the inviolability of his home.

Right to the inviolability and transmission of correspondence
Article X. Every person has the right to the inviolability and transmission of his correspondence.

Right to the preservation of health and to well-being.
Article XI. Every person has the right to the preservation of his health through sanitary and social measures relating to food, clothing, housing and medical care, to the extent permitted by public and community resources.

Right to education.
Article XII. Every person has the right to an education, which should be based on the principles of liberty, morality and human solidarity.

Likewise every person has the right to an education that will prepare him to attain a decent life, to raise his standard of living, and to be a useful member of society.

The right to an education includes the right to equality of opportunity in every case, in accordance with natural talents, merit and the desire to utilize the resources that the state or the community is in a position to provide.

Every person has the right to receive, free, at least a primary education.

Right to the benefits of culture.
Article XIII. Every person has the right to take part in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts, and to participate in the benefits that result from intellectual progress, especially scientific discoveries.

He likewise has the right to the protection of his moral and material interests as regards his inventions or any literary, scientific or artistic works of which he is the author.

Right to work and to fair remuneration.
Article XIV. Every person has the right to work, under proper conditions, and to follow his vocation freely, insofar as existing conditions of employment permit.

Every person who works has the right to receive such remuneration as will, in proportion to his capacity and skill, assure him a standard of living suitable for himself and for his family.

Right to leisure time and to the use thereof.

On an unrelated topic - I notice this “Declaration of Rights” does not include the “right to marry”. Tell that to the Prop 8 haters.

The Time Has Come to Stop Demonizing Patriotic Americans

November 14th, 2008

Time and time again we have heard from the left wingnuts like Ruben Navarrette Jr, a non-apologetic pro-illegal alien American invasion supporter - and from racist groups like The National Council of La Raza that Americans who are speaking out against the invasion of MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS are DEMONIZING the poor hard-working “immigrants” who are seeking a better life and because of that, these poor hard-working immigrants seeking their “American Dream” are being attacked, murdered and driven out of their new country.


Well I have news for all you race baiting whores. It is the Americans who are being DEMONIZED when these racist pro-invasion groups tell us we are “racists” for objecting to the invasion of millions of people coming here illegally. We are mean. We are bigots. We are nativists.  You name it - we are the bad guys for standing up and speaking out. Not the illegal aliens who are sneaking across our border DAILY by the THOUSANDS.  No - they are just poor immigrants looking for a better life.

Oh really? You mean like the MS-13 gang members that are made up mostly of illegal aliens? Or maybe the Mexican Drug Cartels that are operating within our country now - kidnapping children and adults alike..  


The TRUTH here is - it is the very act of illegal immigration that is causing Americans to get ANGRY. It is not that Americans are speaking out that is causing the anger to spill over into attacks. It is the fact that they have invaded our country and DO NOT BELONG HERE that is causing the anti-Mexican illegal alien backlash.

These blatant attempts to silence our outrage is clear. They want to label us and it is THEY who are DEMONIZING US not the other way around!  It is the open borders racist groups such as MALDEF, LULAC, The National Council of THE RACE, MeCHA, the ACLU, the ADL and hundreds of smaller open borders “coalitions” which are funded by these larger groups - who are CREATING THE HATE.

It is the DEMANDS by the illegal alien invaders for us to bend over and give them MORE MORE MORE that is creating the HATE and yes it is in fact HATE.  It is not those who are pointing out the obvious. It is not those who are saying “STOP THE INVASION” who are creating the hate. It is the ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEIR ACTIONS CREATING THE HATE.

I can say without a doubt that more and more Americans HATE the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY and yes that is going to result in SOME people acting out their hate on those who are the cause of the invasion.

The solution? GO HOME.

Ever wonder why there is not as much of an outcry against Polish or Irish illegal aliens?  Well it’s actually very simple. THEY ARE NOT MARCHING IN OUR STREETS AND LOBBYING OUR CONGRESS WITH HEAVILY FUNDED PRO-AMNESTY REPRESENTATIVES TO GET MORE OUT OF THIS COUNTRY THAN THEY ALREADY ARE GETTING.

The smart illegals have stayed in the shadows. The stupid ones, which apparently are from Mexico and South America - think that making demands of their invaded country host will actually make us love them more… Apparently they did not get to the classes where they taught Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

For every action there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

The backlash that the RACIST PRO-ILLEGAL GROUPS want to call a “Wave of Hate” from demonizing illegal aliens is actually very simply the REACTION by more and more Americans to that very invasion and that very arrogance which the mostly Hispanic invaders carry.  We’re going to invade your country and take money from your pockets Americans and YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT OR ELSE.

The Latest Lies from the Left - Republicans Lost for not Catering to Hispanics - HUH?

November 14th, 2008

So.. now we are hearing the liberal left (aka New Democrat Network) claim that Republicans lost because they “demonized” Hispanics and they failed to address the Hispanic vote’s immigration concerns.  What a load of crap!     amnesty The truth is - the Republicans have lost their base BECAUSE of their support of illegal aliens and their turning of a blind eye to businesses that hire them. They have lost their base because they have PANDERED to the likes of the National Council of La Ratza.

Simon Rosenberg, president and CEO of NDN – formerly the New Democrat Network — said that Republicans are now “paying a steep price for demonizing Hispanics” in their “anti-immigration rhetoric” – rhetoric that he said created the “fear of losing jobs to undocumented immigrants of Americans.”

And let me just state in no uncertain terms here - that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HOMOGENOUS HISPANIC VOTE.  Being Hispanic does NOT make you a liberal or someone who supports the National Council of La Raza. They like to try to portray “the Hispanic vote” as if it IS homogenous and nothing could be more of an outright LIE than this.

I can tell you as a former Republican that I switched my affiliation to Independent because of Republicans like John Kyl and John McCain who are nothing but conservative turncoats who only deserve my utmost conservative CONTEMPT.  John Kyl ran his re-election campaign on border security and attacked his opponent because of his support for amnesty for illegal aliens. Then after he was elected, he became McCain’s buddy and tried to convince more Republicans to vote for the Shamnesty 2006 bill piece of crap legislation…  It is liars like these that we need to toss out on their asses from office.  The Republican party is just chock full of liars like these.. but so is the Democratic party.

Let me just point out activist groups such as You Don’t Speak for Me - a group of HISPANICS  who are working AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Does the National Council of La Raza consider their voices?

To the complete contrary - John McCain was actually PROVEN to support AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS  so.. if the “Hispanic vote” cared about amnesty - why did they NOT support John McCain?  It seems the TRUTH is that by supporting amnesty, John McCain actually LOST Hispanic support.  Even Ruben Navarette Jr - the fully pro-illegal commentator - expresses concern after the election that Barry Hussein Obama was not a friend to amnesty supporters.

Yet when it comes to immigration, Obama will have trouble keeping his promise of comprehensive reform from last summer. He will probably toss Latino supporters a bone by stopping construction of the border fence that he voted for in the Senate and ending the workplace raids that have caused so much disgust in the Latino community.

But nothing else. And if Latinos are paying attention and holding the new president to account, they’ll know they’ve been used. And, if honest with themselves, they’ll have something else to be disgusted about.

So this again proves that being Hispanic does not mean you think only the way the National Council of La Raza wants you to think. Even in the Hispanic community, support for Obama or McCain was divided.

And that is because - both were ignoring the issue of Immigration and Illegal Immigration during the campaign. It was the elephant in the room and continues to be.  The ONLY Presidential candidate who we KNEW FOR A FACT SUPPORTED AMNESTY WAS JOHN MCCAIN. We knew that because of his crafting of amnesty legislation with his buddy across the aisle Ted Kennedy.

YET even in the face of that overwhelming evidence that McCain was PRO-AMNESTY,  he failed to corner “the Hispanic vote”.  And that is because being Hispanic does not mean you support amnesty or you think in one way.

Of course if you take the BLACK vote you can see that the color of your skin sometimes DOES make a group think in a particular way.  Some 97% of  Black voters chose Barry Hussein Obama - what percentage of those voters actually knew ANYTHING about Barry Hussein Obama?  I’ll take a wild guess.. maybe 3%?

 And exit polls taken after voting ended showed an overwhelming support for Democrat Barack Obama among black voters, with close to 100 per cent in some states such as Florida (98 per cent) and Georgia (97 per cent).

Gee it sure is good to know there’s no more racism in the United States… NOT!

Back to Hispanic voters… and these “policy groups” that are nothing more than the propaganda arm of  the radical liberal left wing. This is the latest BS they want Americans to swallow:

David Mermin, a partner at Lake Research Partners, a national public opinion and political strategy research firm hired by La Raza to study American voters, said 62 percent of American voters are now “more interested in converting illegal immigrants into legal taxpayers than deporting them because they might be taking jobs.”

Gee nobody asked me to participate in this survey and I suspect they didn’t ask anyone who is like me. If they did, they would not be able to claim such idiotic things like “Americans are more interested in converting illegal aliens into legal taxpayers”… Was he asleep during the BACKLASH of June 2006 when Americans overwhelmingly shut down the phone lines at the Capitol to STOP SHAMNESTY?

Before anyone takes David Mermin or Lake Research Partners as some kind of non-partisan polling outfit, consider that by their own description they are a DEMOCRATIC POLLING GROUP as can be seen here in their “About President Celinda Lake” page:

Since its formation, Lake Research Partners has become one of the most respected Democratic polling firms in the country, with its Battleground poll widely recognized as one of the leading national issue and election thermometers. The firm’s work has moved the progressive agenda forward on a variety of issues

Funny how the obvious propaganda piece from The National Council of La Raza FAILS TO MENTION THAT LAKE RESEARCH IS TOTALLY IN THE TANK FOR DEMOCRATS AND “PROGRESSIVES”.

Another reference to their bias here:

Lake Research Partners is a national public opinion and political strategy research firm. Our principals are among the Democratic Party’s leading strategists, serving as tacticians and senior advisors to dozens of incumbents and challengers at all levels of the electoral process, as well as to a wide range of advocacy organizations, non-profit organizations, and foundations.

We are proud to do work for a number of outstanding clients, including: the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA), AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA, IAFF, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, Emily’s List and the Kaiser Foundation.

One of our most newsworthy projects is our Battlegound Poll, which we conduct with our partners at the Tarrance Group. Together, we survey the year’s political landscape and point out critical issues that Washington can’t afford to ignore.

Apparently their polling is only too happy to IGNORE your input however…

Left Wing Racist Groups FIRST to Benefit from Bank Bailout!!

September 27th, 2008

Ok as if the bailout in general isn’t bad enough, apparently there are some EARMARKS in there which is congressional code for FAVORS that specifies that The National Council of LA RAZA, ACORN and other groups that benefit only “people of color” will be FIRST IN LINE to get any profits made on this “investment” in the failed banks that chose to lend to subprime lenders. The kicker is - it is THESE SAME GOUPS who lobbied to give mortgages to these high risk borrowers in the first place and they got OUR MONEY to make that happen - to the tune of millions of dollars in “Federal Housing” grants.  So these same groups who pushed mortgage lenders to lend money to people BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE which is in itself a VIOLATION OF THE FAIR HOUSING ACT - now that these subprime mortgages have bankrupted those Institutions, these same groups are going to benefit from OUR TAX MONEY ONCE AGAIN.


Read more over at Digger’s Realm here and watch the video below if you want to see exactly how we are yet again being stabbed in the back by the people we elected to represent us. It’s outrageous!  It’s disgusting!  It’s time for another TEA PARTY FOLKS!


Not only that but here’s another interesting detail you won’t hear on CNN about this bailout - from ARRA:

Open Secrets reveals the investment made by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Democrats and details the Top 25 Democrat Recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributions in 1989-2008. The top three in order were Senators Christopher Dodd, John Kerry and Barack Obama.

This is an outrage even more serious than the 2006 Amnesty attempt. These politicians are intent on breaking the backs of the American people and pushing the agendas of the leftists, the socialists, the illegal aliens and the Communists. In this blogger’s opinion, they ALL need to be looking for new jobs and I will just vote out the incumbent in the next election ACROSS THE BOARD down to the local level. They have ALL FAILED US AND THE PARTY IS OVER.

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