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Illegal Protest
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Unbelievable statement to Julie Myers by Senator Joe Lieberman

September 13th, 2007

So this is what Senator Joe Lieberman said to the totally incompetent head of ICE Julie Myers during her “re-confirmation” hearings - which to me are a total and complete JOKE

Joe Lieberman

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn., Thursday said he would support the nomination of Julie Myers to be Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Department of Homeland Security. The following is the opening statement the Senator made at her nomination hearing:

“Welcome Ms. Myers to this hearing on your nomination to continue as Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Department of Homeland Security. As you have experienced first hand, this Committee subjects the nominees who come before it to rigorous scrutiny. During your nomination hearing in 2005, I and several of my colleagues raised concerns about whether you had sufficient experience and managerial ability to lead an agency such as ICE - a big and complicated agency. I ultimately voted against your nomination in Committee because of those concerns. As you know the Senate never acted, but the President gave you a recess appointment. You have now been Assistant Secretary at ICE for more than a year and a half, and the relevant criterion now becomes whether you have been doing a good enough job running this important agency to have overcome my earlier concerns.All things considered, based on your performance and on more than 20 interviews conducted by members of Committee staff of people, inside ICE and outside of ICE, who have worked with you, I believe that you have what it takes to get the job done and will therefore vote to confirm your nomination.

Ok Senator Lieberman, let’s just IGNORE the fact that employers continue to go UNPUNISHED for hiring illegal aliens, that there are 600,000 criminal illegal alien fugitives now roaming our country, she let fugitive felon illegal alien Elvira Arellano hide out in a church FOR ONE YEAR and of course, the fence is still not built. She’s doing a bang up job I’d say.. perhaps she is doing something special for Joe Lieberman - that’s the only way to explain how he now seems to give her such a glowing recommendation, when in 2005 he has THIS to say about Julie Myers:

I have decided to oppose the confirmation of Julie Myers to lead the DHS Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is not a decision I come to lightly. I have been impressed by the nominee’s intelligence, and her dedication to public service. Nevertheless, I have concluded that Ms. Myers lacks the management background and experience she needs to run the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau at this very difficult time in its history and our nation’s history. “With over 20,000 employees, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not only a big agency, it a vitally important one. ICE has an essential role in the war on terrorism, primarily to target the human smuggling and money laundering rings that can be exploited by our enemies. The agency also has the continued responsibility to enforce our immigration laws, and is centrally involved in administering a system widely perceived to be broken. As important as the agency’s mission is, from its formation it has been plagued with management and budget difficulties that have caused internal turmoil. “Faced with these daunting challenges, ICE clearly needs a proven leader, someone who can command the respect of employees while implementing a clear vision for the agency. My greatest concern about this nominee is her relative lack of management experience. In fact, I do not believe that Ms. Myers meets the explicit requirement of the Homeland Security Act, stated in the law, that she has five years of management experience. She has not held any management job for more than a year, and the divisions she did administer were small in comparison to ICE. Her record and the testimonials on her behalf are positive but given the statutory requirements and the difficulties of running this agency, I do not believe she is right for this job. I also would like to say that the nominee has virtually no immigration experience, which I also consider a serious requirement for this position. At this moment, with this particular agency, I want to be absolutely certain that we entrust the leadership of ICE to someone with a clear and proven record of strong management experience, which is why, respectfully, I will vote against this nomination.

So.. I guess Senator Lieberman thinks Julie Myers did a crash course in executive management and now she is just peachy? Well I have news for you Senator Lieberman - she has proven that she is NOT QUALIFIED and I just have to wonder what special favors you got to change your viewpoint on her? Disgusting! If I didn’t know better I’d say Senator Lieberman is a DEMOCRAT.. but he is a registered Independent. Yeah right…

Myers confirmation hearing just a ruse

September 13th, 2007

julie myers no way jose

If you think this “confirmation hearing” is anything but politicial theater, you would be wrong. It seems that the Senate panel - a laughable collection of amnesty buffoons, thinks the head of ICE, Julie Myers, is just dandy and doing a great job. They apparently are DEAF, DUMB and BLIND to the fact that there are now over 600,000 criminal fugitve illegal aliens roaming our country now, we have appropriations for a FENCE to be built on our southern border, but it’s not being done because Julie Myers doesn’t think it would work anyway, and we have employers going unpunished even after ICE raid after ICE raid.

I think Myers is doing the job that President Bush and the globalists want her to do on enforcing illegal immigration and that is NOTHING.

Read the pathetic article here on more of the “out to lunch” Senators who will simply allow this cronyism to continue in our government.

Committee Chairman Sen. Joe Lieberman said today that the question no longer whether Myers has enough experience, but rather how good of a job she’s done while heading the agency.

He expressed concern with what he said was low employee morale at the department as well as the treatment of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants detained by ICE.

“We have a responsibility, according to our national values, to treat those we detain humanely. Just a few weeks ago, three people died while in immigration custody within weeks of each other, bringing the total number of deaths in ICE custody since 2004 to 65,” said Lieberman, Ind.-Conn.

Despite his concerns, Lieberman said he would support Myers, who is expected to get panel approval.

“Despite his concerns” - what a pile of horse crap. He’s been bought and paid for apparently by someone to confirm her.

Maybe there’s hope in Claire McCaskill however:

Sen. Claire McCaskill questioned Myers about how many people have been prosecuted under her direction. McCaskill, D-Mo., focused on how many of those criminal charges were brought against employers of illegal immigrants.

Myers said she didn’t know the exact statistics, but that charges had been brought against employers almost every week.

“I’ve spent a lot of time as a prosecutor, and I don’t buy it,” McCaskill said. She added that Myers was “masking the fact that this has not been a high priority” in the department.

Charges? What charges? I don’t see any SWIFT executives going to jail OR paying fines for continuing to hire illegal aliens. About the only thing I could find searching news on Swift was this juicy tidbit. Apparently there is legal action regarding the Swift raids but hold your horses - it’s the ILLEGAL ALIENS who are bringing charges against ICE. Well isn’t that sweet?

Meatpackers at Swift & Co. plants — rounded up in massive nationwide raids last December — have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement division charging that their rights were violated and seeking an end to such actions.

The federal suit, filed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, seeks to prevent federal immigration agents from conducting mass detentions of all workers in what’s commonly known as a worksite raid. It could have implications for North Texas, where similar raids have taken place recently. Attorneys are asking that it be certified as a class action.

Now that’s a sign of a great leader when the criminals are able to SUE the enforcers don’t ya think?

And I found this on Family Security Matters regarding how ICE is doing with those criminal fugitive illegal aliens in recent years ( as in under Julie Myers and former head of ICE as well):

Meanwhile, the number of alien absconders in the United States has doubled in the last six years to more than 600,000. These are aliens or fugitives who have failed to show up for immigration hearings or who, having been ordered deported, have failed to surrender.

This article goes on to say this about the current state of affairs regarding illegal immigration and it sums it up quite nicely I’d say.

Another sobering statistic is that gang violence committed by illegal aliens continues to increase across the United States. Some 25% of the criminal population in prisons across our nation is identified as being illegal aliens.

Three years ago, the amount of money wired out of the United States (also known as “remittances”) sent to Latin America and the Caribbean stood at some $30 billion. Last year, that number increased to $45 billion. This is the “visible money” that is being exported away from our economy. Former colleagues in other law enforcement agencies who conducted currency investigations have told me that they believed even more money was sent out of the United States covertly than was wired out of the United States. Again, this is money that is lost to our nation’s economy.

America is bleeding green and red because of the failures of our government to secure our borders and create and maintain an immigration system that possesses integrity. Furthermore, all too many of our politicians on all levels seem to be tripping over each other seeking to give new rewards and incentives to aliens who violate our laws and our borders.

I suspect that if they could get away with it, many of these politicians would declare anyone born on the planet Earth to be a United States citizen, turning the ICE agents into the equivalent of the “Men In Black” in that science fiction/comedy movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Of course in this day and age, if they did this and extraterrestrials showed up, no doubt the ACLU and other such organizations would accuse the “Men In Black” of “profiling” if they arrested critters that possessed six legs and multiple heads!

As the saying goes, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. For millions of people around the world – as well as for illegal aliens in the United States – the first impression is provided by how our nation administers and enforces the immigration laws, the first laws of the United States they are likely to encounter. Thanks to these political “leaders” and the bureaucrats who lead the agencies that they appoint to their positions, the message is clear. You can come to the United States, break our laws, and not only expect to get away with such transgressions, but be rewarded for violating our laws – even at a time that the government continues to curtail our expectations of privacy and freedom in the name of “national security.”

Back to the article on Julie Myers - even IF we get the Senate “panel” to come to its senses and NOT re-confirm her, there’s this:

Myers’ original appointment came at a time when the Bush administration was accused of placing political allies in key positions.

Myers is the niece of Gen. Richard B. Myers, former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If she isn’t confirmed, her appointment would run out at the end of the next year.

So even if it is decided she is totally incompetent at her “hearing” she gets to KEEP THE JOB till the end of 2008.

If I didn’t know better I’d say the United States was a dictatorship because I certainly don’t see much “we the people” going on these days and I think Americans better wake up if it’s not already TOO LATE to stop this runaway government.

I think other possibilities to head up ICE that would be equally qualified as Julie Myers might be:

Britney Spears

Paris Hilton

Susan Sarandon

Other commentary on Julie Myers and her LACK of qualifications can be found at Digger’s Realm and Debbie Schlussel blogs.

September 12th - Julie Myers of ICE faces confirmation hearing - time to boot her out!

September 12th, 2007

Nevermind that she has been “acting” as the head of ICE for what, close to two years, without a confirmation hearing.. So some on the committee are saying she’s done a good job? Oh really? Then why do we have 600,000 or so FUGITIVE ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country in the last couple of years?


Here is proof she is totally incompetent as the head of ICE - need we look any closer?


Even though more than $204 million was allocated for 52 fugitive operations teams since 2003, a backlog of 623,292 cases existed as of August of 2006, the report said.

Be sure to visit Digger’s excellent entire CATEGORY on Julie Myers so you are informed enough to call your Senators tomorrow and demand that Julie Myers NOT be confirmed!


ICE chief faces second confirmation hearing


September 10, 2007


The second time should be the charm for Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Julie Myers, who faces a new confirmation hearing Wednesday.


Myers currently is serving without confirmation — she was appointed to the job by President Bush during the 2005 congressional winter recess because it was feared that the full Senate would not approve her controversial nomination. The recess appointment expired in January, and Bush immediately renominated her. [ Can I say coronation? ]


Republicans and Democrats earlier questioned whether Myers had the management experience or the needed immigration background to run ICE. Now key lawmakers say she can expect smooth sailing at Tuesday’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing.

“I think that on balance, Ms. Myers has done a good job and has put to rest many of the concerns, concerns that I shared about whether she had sufficient management experience for the job,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, the committee’s ranking member. “We’re going to ask her some tough questions tomorrow, but in the end, I expect to support her.”

Until taking over ICE, which has more than 14,600 employees, Myers’ largest management job was as assistant secretary of Commerce for export enforcement, where she oversaw 170 employees.



Still, both Sens. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Collins said they will have some tough questions for Myers surrounding the way the department handles illegal immigrants with criminal records and prosecutes employers who do not require workers to have green cards.

“I’m going to judge her based on what I hear from the hearing and the answers I get to my questions,” McCaskill said.

It is unclear when the committee will vote on confirmation.