Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

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October 8th, 2007

From a patriot known as “Lone Wolf” comes this excellent commentary and also a grab of the interview on ABC.

Friends and neighbors,

I listened to Felipe Calderon being interviewed on ABC News this morning.

And, I have to confess, either I live in a parallel universe, or I just got it ALL wrong!

Because, you see, the funds sent back to Mexico do NOT represent the second largest source of income to Mexico.  On the contrary, THEY LOSE OUT!


Because the guys you see at the day laborer hang-outs are the BEST, the YOUNGEST, the BRAVEST and the STRONGEST of their people!  Now, in Mexico there are scientists, and doctors, and lawyers, and educators, and a variety of professinals.  I have yet to hear a more unbecoming, hurtful comment about the nation, as a whole!  Someone should translate and forward this to the Mexican media!  The illiterate dropouts, who couldn’t work their ways up to a taco stand in Mexico, and have to sneak into the US under the cover of darkness ARE THE BEST THAT NATION CAN OFFER!  Including the child molesters, drunk drivers, rapists and murderers!

When questioned whether he would do anything to curtail illegal immigration, he indicated he will try to do so — IN THE FUTURE!  Because right now IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! We’ll just have to live with it!

But we shouldn’t be concerned, with the dropping birth rate in Mexico, the whole “phenomenon” of illegal immigration COULD be over in some 10 years!

We need to be friends and allies, to be able to face giant competitors, like China.

And we need to be ALLIES FOR PROSPERITY!

And the ABC bobble head from Washington says:  “Very thoughtful answers there.”!

Here is the link to the clip, feel free to copy, download, link to it:


Lone Wolf

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