Illegal Protest

Illegal Protest
American Citizens who are tired of the illegal alien invasion

Code Pink Crosses the Line at Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley

February 7th, 2008

Code_Pinko_PosterThis is apparently Code Pink’s “peaceful protest” in front of the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley. They recently applied for and received a PARKING PERMIT for in front of the Recruiting Station for the purpose of “peaceful protest” of the station.

You tell me if this is “peaceful” in any way. I will bet these same people would be outraged if Operation Rescue obtained a parking permit in front of a Planned Parenthood and blocked the entrance to and from the facility. Why are the police in Berkeley SO without balls?

Here is what Michelle Malkin has to say about this here and Digger is downright pissed off at the whole affair

Gateway Pundit has a ton on this here

I know this isn’t really about Illegal Immigration, but the people in Code Pink are actively DEFENDING illegal aliens and promoting the “no human is illegal” thing (but not in Mexico apparently - they are only pushing THAT agenda in a country where they won’t likely get shot!)

So here it is - see for yourself how Code Pink demonstrates peacefully.. NOT!

And now… visit the footage from the Berkeley Council Meeting where they asked to have the permit approved:Linked video here from the City Council Web Site (about an hour)Go here to learn about what Move America Forward is doing to protest Code Pink. There is a protest of the Berkeley City Council on Tuesday, February 12th… and there is a petition to sign at the same site…