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Illegal Protest
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ACORN Behind Ohio Teenager Who Registered to Vote 73 Times

October 19th, 2008

So if this isn’t enought evidence to throw the top people from ACORN into prison and recall ALL of their phony registrations in EVERY state I don’t know what else is?  How much more are Americans supposed to take of this OUTRIGHT FRAUD by a group that proclaims on it’s website that “ACORN takes no government funding so they can remain objective (LIE) and ACORN is non-partisan (LIE)“.


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Teenager: I Registered To Vote 73 Times

Ohio ACORN Lands In Hot Water

 A Cleveland teenager who claims he registered to vote 73 times over a five-month period has set of alarm bells among election officials in Ohio’s most populous county.

The bipartisan Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland voted unanimously Monday to ask Prosecutor Bill Mason to investigate multiple registrations by four people, including 19-year-old Freddie Johnson.

All four said they signed forms at the behest of a community organizing group, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, known as ACORN.

Johnson said he was trying to help paid ACORN solicitors collect signed registrations. He said he has not voted, and said he filled out the cards because he was given cigarettes and about $20.

The fracas is the latest round in a battle over ACORN’s impact on voter registration this year. The group says it has signed up 1.3 million poor and working-class voters in a mass registration drive in 18 states this year.

In Pennsylavania, the district attorney for the Pittsburgh area is investigating possible forgery and other irregularities on voter registration forms turned in by ACORN.

Mike Manko, a spokesman for the Allegheny County district attorney, said fewer than 100 registration forms were apparently forged or otherwise illegitimate.

ACORN issued a statement Friday dismissing the fraud allegations in Pennsylvania as an attempt by a relatively small group of political operatives “to orchestrate hysteria about ‘voter fraud.’”


Obama and two other lawyers in 1995 represented ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois to make voter registration easier. During this year’s primary, Obama hired a firm with ties to the group for a massive get-out-the-vote effort.

The surge in new voters helped propel Obama to his party’s presidential nomination, and it may carry over to the general election — 9 million newly registered voters who are overwhelmingly Democratic could add up to a big victory on Election Day.

In states where registration is recorded by party, including eight key states that could decide the election, voters have signed up Democratic in the past six months by a margin of nearly 4-1.

However, simply registering voters, even when the numbers are skewed so heavily toward one party, is no guarantee of success.

Historically, voter turnout among new registrants has been low. And while candidates have months to run registration drives, they have only a tiny window — several days during early balloting, just hours on Election Day — to get out the vote.

Still, an Associated Press analysis of registration data found that if the millions of newly registered voters turn out at the same rate as in 2004 and cast ballots with their declared party of choice, Obama could have the votes he needs to wrest several battleground states away from the Republican Party and its nominee, Sen. John McCain.

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This should concern EVERY American - not just the Republicans.  These people have stepped on and besmirched the precious right to vote for cigarettes and $20. How very sad that our country has come to this.