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Illegal Protest
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Favorite Hate Mail

June 2nd, 2009

Just some recent hate mail I got from my posts here - this one apparently related to the post of Robert Chad Barela - illegal alien thug wannabe from his cousin “Joey James“:

Yea well fuck you, chad is my cousin and if you say 1 more thing about him ill hack ur website and shut it down.i hate people like u thinking that illegal aliens are not supposed to be here do u know what this country is founded on, christopher columbus was a spaniard. this whole country was founded by immagrants so piss off

Does this count as “one more thing” ?   Silly me for thinking ILLEGAL ALIENS are not supposed to be here… I guess people like you think “no human is illegal” - why don’t you try that in Mexico and see what happens? Funny how turds like you bash the United States for having IMMIGRATION LAWS when EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS IMMIGRATION LAWS AND SOME OF THEM EVEN ENFORCE THEM.

Go ahead and hack my site. I have your IP address and will gladly send it off to the FBI. In this country, unlike the one you are apparently from, there is freedom of speech and I am free to have an OPINION and my OPINION of your cousin is that he is a scumbag thug WANNABE.

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  1. comment number 1 by: eddielee49

    F Illegals. Every time they open their mouth they re enforce just how dumb they are and why Americans hate them.

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