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Illegal Protest
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Hispanic PUNK - not White Man - Held in Oklahoma Triple Murder

February 17th, 2009

I first read this story on Robert Chad Barela from Cushing, OK who killed three people and fled and this guy is described as a “white male”. Turns out.. he is not white - on his MySpace Page he describes himself as Latino/Hispanic and he is proud to be Half Mexican.

So this is an Anchor Baby you can be sure of that. A gang banger wannabe and a poster child for why we should NOT bestow citizenship on babies born to ILLEGAL ALIENS.  I don’t know for sure if his parents came here illegally but I am betting they DID. From his MySpace page (linked below) he says he is “half Mexican”… wonder what the other half is? Whatever the source, it sure seems both halves of him - aka his parents - were losers and allowed him to slip into the gangsta lifestyle in his teen years and they let him drop out of school.  This kind of parenting our country could do without!

Barela PUNK

Here are some excerpts from his MySpace Page:

About me:

im 20 going on 21 in april im from the 209 stockton california and im not tall but not short thats because im half mexican and proud of it anyways if you dont know me then dont speak about me if you do then you already know im fun to be around but they say im a good guy and some say im a bad guy tell you like this just dont get on my mad side


  • Status: Single
  • Hometown: stockton
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Body type: 5′ 7″ / Slim / Slender
  • Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Children: Someday
  • Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
  • Education: High school
  • Occupation: community activist  (Obama would be proud)
  • Income$150,000 to $250,000  (how much of that LEGAL?)



  • General  -  money and guns god and police activity there up to something

  • Music  -  variety

  • Movies  -  action

  • Heroes   -   not the cops  ( I bet! )

Here’s the description of the Cushing, OK Triple Slay suspect from the news:

He is described as a white man, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 145 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes, according to the paper.

Here is what the description SHOULD say:

He is described as a light skinned Hispanic male, 20 years old, sporting many gangsta tattoos and typical gangsta tough guy look, weighing 145 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

I’m really sick and tired of the whites getting lumped together with these Hispanic gang bangers - probably with parents who snuck into this country in the back of a truck. Their crime stats are getting lumped into ours and HIDDEN if you ask me. I’m sick of it I tell you.. Sick of it!

Here’s more details over at True Crime on this crime.

And an update:

UPDATE reports that Robert Chad Barela has been arrested. He was spotted at a Wal-Mart in Stillwater, OK. Police haven’t named the victims of the triple homicide in Cushing, but they have again stated that Barela is a ’significant person of interest’ in the case.

Even more info here in the comments from local people in the Cushing, OK area. Quite informative - there are apparently two other underage suspects being pursued as well.

Update 11:30pm Feb 17th

This story has the most detail found so far. Some of the new information:

Family members identified Albert Sernas, 21, and Douglass Mason Peck, 27, as two of the victims. Sernas’ father, Norman Sernas, said his son and Barela are cousins.

Former roommates of Elizabeth Michelle Hueser, 19, identified her as the third victim. They said Barela is Hueser’s former boyfriend, and Sernas was her best friend.

Officials had not said how the victims died or released their identities Tuesday night.

Jesse Martinez, who said he has known Barela since he was 9, said Barela sent a text message to a friend Tuesday morning saying he had lost it and didn’t know what he had done.

Norman Sernas said his son told him Barela pointed a gun at him in December, and that the gun went off and the bullet hit another person in the knee. A police spokeswoman confirmed Barela was investigated in a gun-related aggravated assault on Dec. 11, but he was not arrested.

Peck, an Iraq war veteran who family members said was discharged after he was injured in a helicopter crash, was arrested on Feb. 2 on complaints of having chemicals police suspected were used to manufacture methamphetamine, but he was never charged in the crime, according to Cushing records. Peck’s family and friends said they believe it was that arrest that led to his death.

Kenneth Birkes, a longtime family friend, said Peck was working with police as an informant and had given them information on Barela involving illegal drugs and guns. Birkes said he believes that information was the catalyst to the triple slaying.

4 Responses to “Hispanic PUNK - not White Man - Held in Oklahoma Triple Murder”

  1. comment number 1 by: rmorales123

    He grew up and went to school in cushing you retard..He’s an american citizen, not an “illegal” and prob not mexican either just a front to be more “ganster” just another wannabe thug hooked on crank..

  2. comment number 2 by: Ruthiness

    On his MySpace page he says he came from Stockton CA and he is half Mexican. Why would someone lie about their ethnicity? I’m sure we will find out everything we care to know about Mr Barela in the days to come.

  3. comment number 3 by: cb082164

    He snapped because he was ratted out! Duh!! The so called informants need to think about their lives being in danger first befor they start ratting for the cops. At the time all he was probably seeing was the same people trying to end his life in prison are sitting in his house. I would snap to if i was in that situation. I just would have wired their mouths shut permanently though. Its not my place to take a life its Gods.

  4. comment number 4 by: Cushing citizen

    You moron, quit making assumptions. He is a citizen of the US. Like someone else said he went to school here. How many people make stuff up & stretch stuff on myspace? Quite a few, I’m sure.
    I know his mother, she is not a loser. She’s had tough times herself.
    This kid has had a hard life, as a youngster he was kidnapped, raped & mutilated. If that doesn’t affect someone negatively I don’t know what will.
    He made a big mistake.

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